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OK everyone, I stole this from :icondetectiverj: because I thought it looked interesting. I've gotten rid of some that I can't really answer, and I'll add some new ones in there as well.

Dear Person I Miss

I really miss the times we went out together and went to the Cinema and stuff, and talking to each other about Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, and many old films. I should have told you more, I'm really sorry for liking this other person more than you but you mean't a lot to me in my days. I do talk to you occasionally, but I'm trying to do my own thing.

Dear Mom

I really love you for your support and I thank you for getting me into College, I know the days are long, but still I love you and I'm glad I've got someone to talk to.

Dear Future Me

I know that you don't know who you are yet, and I know that some of your relatives are getting old and are dying, but please just hang on for me, I know you may be a Bartender, Radio Presenter, Writer, Musician or even an Actor who makes Millions. But you also need to forget about the past, because it's making you anxious.

Dear Past Me

I really wish you didn't do the things that you did, but you had to didn't you? You had rivalries, you were insane, but at least you were the reason why I'm here.

Dear Person I'm Jealous Of

I have a lot of people to be Jealous of, some of them can drive, some of them are better at certain games than me, but at least I know these people and that I have issues of my own.

Dear Other Person I Miss

I Miss playing on the keyboard in your studio and doing music with you, I did such good music and you really liked me, I just hope you'll know what I'm doing in college.

Dear Dad

Thanks for taking me out to places like the Motorcycle Live Expo and IWM Duxford. Without you, I wouldn't be a Rocker like I am today, thanks for introducing me to the Stranglers and all that. I know you are Ill with a cold, but I still love you.

RE: I know you have Diabetes, and I'm sorry about that, I worry about you from Time to Time, but I still love you.

Well anyways, that's all for now, I'll put some more in possibly later. But I know that I really do love myself and that I'm compassionate enough despite my issues.
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Submitted on
January 22