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So anyways, I was just talking to George Krstic, creator of Megas XLR, which is, one of my favourite TV Shows ever. About Megabots and he liked it, so I just want to tell you more about why the campaign needs to succeed.

You see, you know how I said that "If it fails, Megabots will probably shut down"? Well I just want to say why I think this campaign is a bit vital.

You see, it's supposed to be the "Sport Of The Future" and they are really ambitious. So here are some numbered points I'm going to make.

1. It's an "All Or Nothing" Kickstarter Campaign: Meaning that if it fails, the funds will not go to Megabots. Therefore, I'd love it if my rich Uncle Mark donated some money to it, however, he's not that kind of guy and even if he is a multi-millionaire, he wouldn't want to donate a 3rd or 5th of his money.  I really want this campaign to succeed, I really do, but because it's an all or nothing campaign, this makes it even harder.

2. Robotics Companies and Heavy Machinery Companies should sponsor: JCB and Caterpillar in particular. As well as Boston Dynamics and that. The thing is, is that I really want this to work so I can one day see the robots pile up each other to scrap.

3. Ungratefulness to the company: I think the fact that the fans didn't like the robot duel because it was heavily scripted. I think this means that some fans have been turned off by the fight. Meaning they won't donate any more money. I think these fans should be a bit more grateful because they did make fully functioning robots.

4. Announcers: If you really want a good fight, pay a professional announcer like Michael Buffer or Christian Stevenson to do it. I heard that a lot of fans had problems with the announcers. So I think that if they paid a Professional Announcer, that would be awesome.

5. R&D: Another key thing is that they want to do R&D, so they can eventually build faster, actual walking robots and safety measures. The thing is, is that you've got to make the sport safe, fast and fun. Apparently there is a competitor from Germany, I'm not sure who it is though.

6. Becoming the Next F1: This is what I really want, professional teams that are recognisable like that in Formula One, you could say that Megabots and Suidobashi would be the Ferraris and McLarens of Megabots. New Contenders coming in, to do this, I think that Mechs should be made for more practical reasons as well, like Construction. Like in Patlabor(Which Suidobashi actually had one of their robots in). They want to make this really popular by 2027. Imagine a Massive Mech Fight with Hundreds of Millions of viewers around the world in 2027, that would be awesome.

So basically, these are all my key points, I still think though, that if the campaign fails, there will still be someone to pick the Idea up and start a breakaway series. I just hope it wins, it's raised $46,000 so far, so you never know how much it will raise by December 16.

We'll see.

OK Everyone, I've decided to write this letter Digitally as I do not know much about Michael G, heck, even Jeremy Barrett has more known about him then Michael G. So  I'm going to just say this and say that, if your name is Michael Guin, Michael G and was the exact same Michael G that worked as Harry Mason in Silent Hill, among many other roles. You can tell me, I may talk to Lynn Harris as well to aid in my investigation.

Dear Michael G, so as you read this, I know you may be dead and all that, well I sure hope not. Listen, I absolutely loved your performances in Ridge Racer, Time Crisis and Silent Hill. You were awesome as Sherudo Garo and I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about Scott McCulloch(He died in 2000 in a car accident). And that you were an absolutely awesome actor, I may have some questions to ask you, but just to let you know, I spoke to Jeremy Barrett, and he was off the radar for years, so I may be able to talk to you one day, if I can't talk to you, then maybe I will do so when I reach heaven.

This letter is addressed to Michael G, and also, I offer my condolences to Scott McCulloch's family.

OK everyone, so there is something that is going on that I really like the look of, but really worries me. Megabots have said that they need $950,000 to start a league. And I am worried this campaign is going to fail. I like Megabots, but the fight that they had had a mixed reception, as it was scripted. Apparently they are promising "Unscripted Fights", "R&D to help advance Mech Technology" and want to see this up to 2027. The thing that worries me is that they said "We will probably close if this is unsuccessful", I have a feeling that with the comments the internet has made over the fight, they think that they are a bad company. So listen, if you've ever heard of Megabots, praise them as a company that innovates, rather than "Most disappointing fight ever". Remember how Atari became successful after being a startup? I reckon Megabots could do the same thing.

I think that what Megabots needs is sponsors, They've already got Autodesk to back them, and they also had one of the people who worked on UFC and Battlebots working on it as well.

The other thing is that there are going to be competitors from all over the world, I'm hoping there is a British Competitor. I think the thing is, is that Mechs are only a recent business and are hard to make, unlike the Automobile. I remember back in 1949, they all said "Let's do a F1 Championship" so they invented F1. Now we have entrepreneurs such as Bernie Ecclestone, who recently handed the business to Chase Carey. If Megabots is successful, it could start the biggest precedent in the world.

But I really hope this happens, this is almost twice as much as how many was made during the original Kickstarter Campaign. If this doesn't happen, well at least we will say that "At least Megabots happened and we had a giant Mech Fight once". And it will probably inspire someone else to do a similar series.

But please, if you are reading this, make sure that you praise the company.

OK Everyone, so I played a game that bought me Childhood memories, Dirt 2. A game which I first played in 2009 at the age of 12, I got it in September 2009. And it was a brilliant game, I completed it twice and it's still awesome. Anyways, let me tell you a bit about this game.

This was the first game to feature's Colin McRae's name since he died in a Helicopter Crash in 2007. Colin McRae is an awesome driver, Chris Hoy absolutely loves him and he comes from my Country of Birth, Scotland. It was a huge loss to Motorsport when he died in 2007. And the thing is, is that this game feels a bit sad, and even sadder now.

You see, one of the stars in this game is Dave Mirra, and he recently killed himself. Last year, he apparently, like Chester Bennington and Kurt Cobain, really depressed, so he went to the back of the Pickup Truck, and shot himself. The Police found him dead in the truck, with a Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound. And when I heard this news, I was really sad. Apparently he was half-depressed and half-happy. But anyways, time for some talk about the game's soundtrack and setting.

The game's soundtrack is really awesome, with Black Tide's Shout, They Say by Scars On Broadway, which was actually founded by a former member of System Of A Down, The Prodigy's Warrior Dance and more artists such as Black Stone Cherry, Biffy Clyro, The Eagles Of Death Metal, The Stone Roses and even Franz Ferdinand. My sister has actually seen some of these artists.

And basically the Stages are awesome, first there is a Rallycross Stage in Battersea Power Station, a Stage inside a large stadium in Los Angeles. The Deserts of Baja California, even the Streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The game was so awesome, and it also features actors that I know such as Yuri Lowenthal, Lewis Mcleod, Patrick Seitz, Lex Lang. And Cindy Robinson and Dorothy Fahn as Katie Justice and Jayde Taylor respectively.

And other Celebrities I know in this game include Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and former US Top Gear presenter Tanner Foust. There was a rumour that as well as Dave Mirra, Fellow BMX Rider Mat Hoffman was going to be in the game, but he isn't.

This is why I'm looking forward to Onrush, because it captures the spirit of Dirt 2, as well as Motorstorm. It's why I'm a fan of Forza Horizon. And basically, this game was really awesome for it's time. I can't wait for Onrush, but this game, was just the Epitome of awesome. It even had Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen in it. Or Airdancers as they are commonly known, you don't see them in the UK that much anymore, but it is awesome.

I'll see you later.

So basically, I've been hearing a lot of people not liking Call Of Duty WWII. And getting really furious about server issues and the attitude of Michael Condrey. Apparently he's not that good talking to fans on Twitter compared to Taylor Kurosaki, who was nice and helpful. And I was thinking, perhaps EA Should have handled a WWII game simply called Battlefield II(To distinguish it from Battlefield 2 for the PC), the sequel to Battlefield 1 and do everything Sledgehammer did but better.

So basically, the game would have "War Stories" like in Battlefield 1, based on real life situations that happened in WWII. We would have one about an RAF Spitfire Pilot(With a Cockpit View to match), The D-Day scene(Which because of Allied Assault, I think EA could do better than Sledgehammer), A Pacific Section, and a prologue involving the London Blitz.

See, I think that Battlefield II, should it ever happen, would be an awesome game. And also I think that the problem with Sledgehammer and Condrey was that they were a little bit "Politically Correct", so that they could create an experience without angering the SJWs.

Multiplayer would be awesome, it would basically have a load of planes and tanks from WWII, as well as Soldier Types. And really good levels as well.

But time will tell, we'll have to see.

OK Everyone, so today is Remembrance Day, a 2 minute silence will occur on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.  And I just thought that I would tell you about my family history in the wars.

My Great Uncle Jack, was a soldier in WWII, and he was captured by Germans in Italy, and he was in a POW camp, he and his friend were sent on a death march with the other soldiers, many comrades of his, including his friend, died in the march, luckily, he survived. But he had really bad memories of it, and refused to tell anyone except his closest people, including my Aunt. Apparently one of the way the Germans tortured him was that they fed him Swede, or Rutabagas, and barely any of it. So Swede gave him Traumatic memories of the war. And I just wanted to say that after playing Call Of Duty: WWII, the point it tries to bring is that you can't save everyone in a war, as my Uncle Jack learned the hardway. He lived a good life until 1994, and he did farming work.

Anyways, here is another sad war story of mine, I had two Great Great Uncles, Frank and George Winfield, I'm not sure what division they were in but they died in the Battle Of The Somme in 1916. And I cry about their deaths sometimes, when I watched Goodbye Christopher Robin, the film about AA Milne's early life with his son Christopher Robin and the invention of Winnie The Pooh. I learned that AA Milne suffered from PTSD, popping noises would remind him of gunshots being fired, bees would remind him of the stench from the dead soldiers, even playing with Christopher Robin reminded him of getting in a knife-fight with one of the other soldiers. And the reason why I was crying was because this was exactly what Frank and George went through. I remember watching the first part of Battlefield 1 again, and there were many soldiers dying and when they died, their names, deaths and age would be shown. And a lot of them were just my age because they lied about their age in the war. And joined simply because they thought it was heroic, this is the exact reason why Red Daniels joined the Army in Call Of Duty:WWII.

I also remember Grenadier Wiegert, but his story is probably one for another day.

Anyways, I just wanted to say, Lest We Forget, We Shall Remember Them. I will always remember the horrific atrocities caused in WWI and WWII, and that you can't save everyone in a war.

Peace To The Fallen.

OK Everyone, so I've decided to write this journal as I think it is an important point. Prince William has been going on about how "Social Media Pressures Children" and how "They are Pressured in a Working Environment". So here we go.

Growing up, I used to go to this school where, you know that Chloe Woman I used to talk about? Well she used to be my carer there, and there was another Chloe as well, one who I had a falling out with and then I have really bad opinions on her, then we have Sophie, Lindsay and the entirety of the Media.

I have been pressured, via the media and these people, to Meet Prince William unintentionally, as they like him so much. And it makes me think that "Oh they are obsessed over him and his children, so maybe I should meet him to impress them". And it's a shame I don't go to this school anymore, because I wish they just told me that they like me without meeting Prince William.

So anyways, Prince William is not that popular on Social Media as he should be, with only 1 Million followers, the Royal Family having less followers as well. Even Lewis is more famous on Twitter than Prince William. Now, about Lewis Hamilton, I kept asking Prince William to talk about Lewis Hamilton and Give him a Knighthood, and I guess he noticed, so he's just being going on about how "Social Media Pressures People". Now don't get me wrong, I like Twitter, but I think that the people at School all pressured me to meet him. And I think it's all their fault I ended up doing that thing on Twitter, Prince William, if you are reading this, I apologize.

It's a shame all these people basically pressured me to meet him. If they just told me that "Meeting Lewis Hamilton was enough and you don't have to meet Prince William" I would be happy. I miss these people, especially Chloe, as for the other Chloe, I don't miss her as much, Sophie and Lindsay, I do miss a little bit. Sophie left too soon. And she has seen Rick Astley. Like I said, Chloe was the reason I created that Imaginary version of her(or a Tulpa) back in January 2015, with that Garden Party I said in my short story. The thing is, was that back in 2015 and sometimes this year, I cry about this Chloe. This is the exact "Hard Time" I was going through that led to me to create the Metamor Paracosm. The thing is, I've got Jess, and even though Jess is one of my best friends at college. I feel sad because this Chloe basically at the moment, locked me out of her life.

This is why I tried to redeem myself so many times in 2015 and failed. I mean I was so close to redeeming myself in September-December Period but ended up messing up again.

I'm fine now, but this is why you should not pressure people, it's really hard on an Autistic child, because I've met Lewis Hamilton and all that I think that it's really easy for me to meet Celebrities, I'm lucky with Matthew Corbett. But with Prince William it's so hard, at least I know he played COD on the Night Shift.

So anyways, Prince William, if you're reading this, just remember that I am sorry.

So Everyone, I got a letter from Matthew Corbett of Sooty fame. And a Signed Autograph and everything. OK, so I read his Letter, and he said that I was a "Real Sooty Fan" and that he loves Mercedes. He said about some dude who was dressed up as Sooty to impress Nicko McBrain from my favourite band, Iron Maiden, Nicko didn't know what was going on until he saw the crowd roaring with applause.

So he thought that my dad worked for the actual AMG in Germany, but it was quite awesome. He says that he and his wife drive Mercedes. And that I remembered Label.

It was more interesting than Jon Glover's letter, and I must admit he said that "Label was based in Sooty because the house couldn't allow dogs". He takes his new dog, a Cocker Spaniel, out for walks as well. The letter was pretty awesome, and I even got some Tie Pins as a gift.

His favourite episode was Tunnelling to France, which you can see here.

Now in classic Sooty style, Bye Bye everybody, Bye Bye.

OK Everyone, so I was just on the Competitive Overwatch Subreddit. And there was a comment there on a post I created that has since been removed, saying something about me being a "Leftist Autistic" who is "Currently at College". I reckon someone is on my Facebook or Watches my Youtube. It's not funny, it isn't. And I need to tell you something about why I am trolled. Once again.

In 2015, I played a MUD called FurryMUCK, now one of the people there was called Dacia_Brown, and after I got banned from Fenris, I went on a Foulmouthed Tirade against Megawolf. And built a podium(The action system in the Muck allows you to do anything) and Dacia_Brown witnessed all of it.

Then a month later, a troll called me an "SJW Autist Shitwipe" in response to the entire situation that happened above.

Then in 2016, it got worse, I went on that cancerous site called Kiwi Farms, where they talk about Chris Chan and all that. And they exposed everything about me, my real name, where I live, my family, my MLPForums account. I think they know on Reddit as well. Because I was talking about Lewis Hamilton in Call Of Duty and someone said "This is old news you Brack People", Mum thinks he might have misspelt the word "Black", but I think it was a troll and that the "Brack" stood for Brackley, where I live. 

It's not funny, and I bet you watch my Youtube.

So please Trolls, go away. 

I Mean you need to know this again, I am a vulnerable autistic boy and I have a supportive family. I also know Samuel Collingwood Smith, so if you Troll me again. I will report you to the Police.

So I was just looking at some Songs that sound similar to each other again, a subject I like to touch on. And sometimes it can make me very angry because it makes me think the Normies are exploiting the Furries, Outsiders, Bronies and Fourmies(BBC4 Fans). Regardless, we do have some Normie Elements to ourself, so let's see some songs that are similar to each other.

Sega Rally Championship Post-Race Screen vs Bobby Brown's Every Little Step and Lazytown's Lazy Scouts: The Honky Tonk Piano in this is very similar to the one heard in Lazy Scouts, and like Spring Yard Zone from the first Sonic The Hedgehog, it sounds a lot like Every Little Step by Bobby Brown, which is a guilty pleasure of mine because I don't like him because of his domestic abuse towards Whitney Houston. And that is all I want to say, anyways, here we go.

[link] Sega Rally.
[link] Bobby Brown.
[link] Lazy Scouts.

I Lived by Onerepublic vs Art Of The Dress from MLP: The beginning sounds a lot like Art Of The Dress, this song is actually based on another song called "Putting It Together[State of the Art]". People say to me it's not the same but it's really just a matter of opinion, it's got the same beginning.

[link] Art of the Dress.
[link] I Lived.

Warning Line from Ace Combat 2 vs a load of songs: I can't give a link for every song in this, because this song uses up a lot of songs. First of all, you know "Good Company" from Oliver? That's the first part, Then the guitar solo part is ripped straight from Michael Jackson's Thriller when Vincent Price is narrating as the Zombies rise. and then it goes into a part that sounds like the Prologue theme from Time Crisis 4, also by Namco. 

[link] Warning Line.

Drag Me Down by One Direction vs a lot of songs: I really hate this song, mainly because it ripped off a lot of niche songs. So basically, it rips off the part after Hugh Cornwell says Heroes in "No More Heroes" by The Stranglers. Then it rips off "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, a notable Grammy Award winner, and then it rips off "They don't really care about us" by Michael Jackson.

[link] Drag Me Down.

The only ever member of One Direction I like is Harry Styles, because "Sign Of The Times" is actually a good song and TBH I feel sorry for him because he was recently groped. I absolutely hate 1D, Justin Bieber and all that because I think they are Normie Material. Hence my new slogan for BBC4, "Don't Let the Fourmies be Normies", if BBC4 started calling it's viewer base "Fourmies" I would be happy.

And that's about it, there are a lot of songs out there that sound similar to each other, but this is just a few that I selected.

OK, so I was just watching this video about a person who is obsessed with Pac-Man. Admittedly it's fictional, but apparently this guy named Tim was on Fred Willard's "Totally Obsessed" show and it was absolutely weird.

Basically, I know it's fictional(save for the fact he was a real classic gamer and collector) and it was made up that he had some mental condition that made him love Pac-Man so much. Basically, this guy is like Chris-Chan, but with Pac-Man instead. 

He spends at least $10,000 dollars a year in quarters, that's 40,000 quarters. And not just that, but he never even mastered Pac-Man. He owns every system to play it on. And he screams in a Parking Lot "PAC MAN!".

It's because I have been watching those "Here Comes Pac-Man" videos. And they were absolutely awesome. Especially because basically from what I can tell, Pardon My French but Pac-Man is a Cum-Guzzling Crack Addict. I mean really, the only difference that this man is is that he has a girlfriend or wife. And it's probably because in reality he is a normal person. But if he really was like that, there would be no way he would get a wife.

Here's the video

Admittedly, when I was 13 and 14, I was on Deviantart and there was this Girl I Liked who was a fan of Sonic, and unfortunately I started trying to force her to love me, eventually I ended in trouble with my parents, but it's all faded. I actually regret this a lot. And that is why I am so sensible and defensive on Deviantart. One of the things I did was unnecessarily compare Sega Rally to Sonic The Hedgehog because they are both made by Sega and I at the time, thanks to my autism, assumed that Sonic fans loved other Sega Games, this isn't necessarily the case.

But it's all over. I'll see you guys later,

P.S: Call Of Duty WWII is awesome, especially the Normandy scene where the sea actually turns into blood.

So basically, I've been thinking about Christmas and I was watching "A Bad Moms Christmas", which was a good film. And It just got me thinking, you know how I feel sad at Christmas simply because I can't celebrate it with everyone? Well I've got an Idea. I'm going to send a Christmas Card and some Merry Christmas Messages to a lot of people, so I can spread the spirit of Christmas. As unfortunately, I can't celebrate it at home with a lot of people, and I feel sad about it because my Grandparents are dead, Rapid T Rabbit's dead, JBadger is dead. It's very sad and I thought that I'd wish these people Merry Christmas, now, to some Deviantart Users, this may come as an early Merry Christmas, so prepare for me to wish you Merry Christmas again next month via Message.

Here's the list.

Chloe: the woman who Carina from the garden party that never was is based on and one of my old carers.
Prince William, The Queen and Kate Middleton: I am considering sending them two separate letters, one to Sandringham House, and one to Kensington Palace. I may ask them how the Baby's getting along. I also want to apologize for constantly trying to get him to admit that Lewis Hamilton should get a Knighthood.
George Clooney: I've already wished him Merry Christmas in my letter to him.
Walter: He's my 100 year old neighbour, and he is very lonely at Christmas and is susceptible to Pneumonia, I want to make the last moments of his life precious by sending him a card.
Lewis Hamilton: I'm also considering sending him a card and when my parents go to the Christmas Do they'll give it to him or at least someone who can give it to him.
Mum and Dad: My Mum's been quite Ill at the moment, so I'll be grateful to send her a card. As well as a nice card to dad.
Jess: I worry about my friend dearly, I mean she's alright at the moment but I worry about her family relationships. She's been a good friend to me and is an awesome Anime fan, she likes My Hero Academia, but isn't too keen on English Dubs as much as the original Japanese version.
Milo: Like Jess, another friend of mine in College. I'm sending him a Christmas Card and he also like me, likes Earth Defense Force and loved it when I made a Metal Gear reference.
Jack: My friend in college who likes Warhammer 40K and Sci-Fi. He's a bit like my dad in his interests in Sci-Fi.
:icontheburningprincess: because like Jess, she deserves a good Christmas from at least someone who knows her.
:iconcalistamonkey: she's getting married soon, and she helped me through being a Farthing Wood fan as well and we are good friends.
:icondetectiverj: because even though I don't know her as well as Clusts, she's still an awesome Farthing Wood fan.
Barack Obama: He deserves at least a Merry Christmas on Twitter. I'm sure he'd love it.
David Cameron: A person who I have mixed opinions on, he didn't handle the country well and he is a conservative, but he does at least have good music sense, albeit hypocritical.
Sadiq Khan: Who I like 100 times more than David Cameron and he will always be my mayor.
:iconvirmir: because he is someone I have known for 6 years. And is involved in Metamor Keep, an imaginary version of him helped me through some hard times.

So basically, these people are all the people I'm currently planning on delivering Christmas Cards and messages to. I will have some more, but these are really important people. And I just want to spread some Holiday Cheer. I may spread Christmas messages to a load of Facebook friends as well.

I will see you all at Christmas, and also, Merry Early Christmas and Christmas Again!

OK Everyone, so I was just looking at Megabots. And I was thinking about perhaps, when I've got a lot of money starting my own Megabots Competitor. I think it should be called "EWG Championship" as in Excavators With Guns. So basically, we remove the shovel and crane of the Excavator. And then we add two Paintball Cannons, BB Guns or Laser Tag Guns akin to the Megabots on the side. It's not a rip-off or a stolen idea, it's a competitor. And with a devised points system as well. Plus the Mechs can be single seater. The sport would be based on Megabot's original Philosophy of having Mechs in an arena shoot at each other. Rather than smash each other to pieces. Ranged Combat Only+Excavators=Happiness. Else the Giant Robot Fight won't work. And I reckon it could be more successful than Megabots.

I Think that old construction equipment, equipped with guns would be awesome. And in a stadium as well.

We'll see though, We'll see.

So I was just looking at this new game that was just revealed minutes ago. Called Onrush, it kind of reminds me of a mix between Dirt 2, Rocket League and Motorstorm. And it's not surprising considering Codemasters bought out Evolution Studios. The games it is inspired by include Daytona USA, Burnout, Ridge Racer, Sega Rally and of course, San Francisco Rush. Basically, the game looks really awesome, from the looks of it, for stylistic design reasons, all the cars are single seaters. There are Motorcycles. And the game is going to be really awesome when it comes out. Apparently its also got some Style as well. With what appears to be customizable characters or something. Kind of like Modnation Racers in that sense. But it has Dirt 2's festival atmosphere, Burnout's Takedowns, San Francisco Rush's huge jumps and many more.

Check it out.

So Today, I just learned that Kevin Spacey has been embroiled in a Scandal involving him and him allegedly sexually assaulting Anthony Rapp of Star Trek Discovery and Rent fame. And as a result of this, he has come out of the closet as a gay person. This is a very dark topic to talk about, but it's quite an important one anyway.

Now, first of all, before I start stating opinions on this, keep in mind that due to my Autism, there will be sections where I appear to Contradict myself or be Hypocritical. Just remember that this is just my Autism.

So basically, I was talking to my mother today about Kevin Spacey, because, I really like him, he was in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare as Jonathan Irons. And I also loved him as Hopper in A Bug's Life. Now the thing is, is that he and George Clooney I think are really good friends, they both live in the UK, they both appeared in "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and it was rather awesome. Now I know it's a hard time for Hollywood, and people have been very worried about how the Hollywood Industry is going. But this Kevin Spacey thing is very worrying, first, Mum said it would start a precedent for people saying that they were allegedly abused by him, and it will probably become the next big scandal. And I just learned that Kevin had been fighting his sexuality, there were times when he had a Girlfriend, straight-out denied he was Gay, and was trying to keep it a secret. And now he has to come out, and this is a difficult decision for him.

My main worry is that he may kill himself because of it, and he doesn't deserve that. Specifically because it's already been a hard year where Call Of Duty actors have died, Bill Paxton, George Romero, and all that. I really don't want any more COD Actors to die. Because they are really brilliant actors and Kevin Spacey is a brilliant actor. If you play Advanced Warfare, you can hear him say various rousing speeches and really philosophical discussions. 

Advanced Warfare follows on discussions like terrorists causing a Nuclear Meltdown that kills 15 times as many people as 9/11. And basically Kevin Spacey's Character killed a Technologist to deliberately cause it so his company Atlas would become the world's most powerful company. Basically, the game follows philosophical topics like "What if Private Military Companies did jobs better than normal militaries" and "What if 9/11 Conspiracy Theories were right?", with the nuclear meltdown representing 9/11. Irons(Played by Spacey) Representing Bush and all that. It's really interesting.

And because of his awesome role in Advanced Warfare, I really hope that Kevin Spacey is alright from this Ordeal.

OK, so basically, today, just minutes ago. Lewis Hamilton has won the world championship for the 4th time, becoming the most successful British Driver ever. No British Driver has ever done that. I've informed Kensington Palace via Twitter as well as The Royal Family that Lewis deserves a Knighthood. Sir Lewis Hamilton I want him to be. 

I was watching and was very nervous that Vettel was going to win. But he didn't. And Hamilton has won the championship and is now the most successful British Driver.

It's not long now until his Knighthood, I think he's on the New Years Honours List, the Sports Personality Of The Year list. And next year we'll see. I think though that Rosberg is happy, David Cameron(Mixed opinions on him) is happy, Prince William is happy and so would the Queen.

I'll see you all next year. But first, here's a picture of me and Lewis.…

OK, so I just heard that they are leaking out Gameplay Footage of Call Of Duty WWII. It's going to be awesome, and I Really can't wait for WWII to come out. Basically, I heard about the Campaign, basically you have to rely on your squadmates to give you Grenades, Ammo and Health Packs as there is no Regenerating Health since the original Call Of Duty. The game is going to be really good. And I've already seen a leaked Zombie Image which I am not going to post because of Copyright reasons. 

Basically, in Germany, people are already playing the game, yes it is censored, but not much different from the UK and American versions. I have a Plot Prediction as well, you know how I said I had Great Great Uncles in WWI who died? Well they had commemorative coins with their names and death dates on them, I have a feeling that Call Of Duty WWII will have an epilogue involving these and that you may be able to see them in the credits, as well as monologues from each of the characters like in Infinite Warfare.

You see, there is a character who has a Pregnant Wife and I reckon he may die. As it is Cliche for it to happen(Save for the Sands of Iwo Jima). And also, I reckon we may be seeing a lot of Characters along the way, I think Cormack is included as one of these Characters, and I think Russell Richardson is returning to act him. Which is awesome, because Matt Riedy is in this as the J Jonah Jameson like Davis, I think Russell Richardson will be in this as well. It will be awesome, I think the Campaign is having a massive shake-up. And Call Of Duty really is returning to its roots. Multiplayer will be fun as well.



P.S: I think that the "Rely on your Squad" system will be in Black Ops IV. I think it's going to involve Woods, Hudson, Mason and an as yet Unnamed Soldier in the Korean War. Just looking from the supposed hints James C Burns has been giving. I think it will be a Co-Op Campaign as well. Because Black Ops III was Co-Op.
OK, so I was just thinking about Arcade Machines, and I really want to play these games in 40 years time. I've just realized that I can't live without Ridge Racer, and that all PS1's, Copies, Arcade Machines will all be gone. And therefore, there would be no way to play the original Ridge Racer, as Technology Marches On, Emulators will not be compatible with whatever the 2025 version of Windows will be. And therefore, I have decided to write this Journal Entry that I will address to Sega, Namco and all Arcade Manufacturers, plus the Mame Emulation Team.

Basically, as Technology Marches On, there may not be a way to play the classics, and I want a way for us to keep using Emulators and to be able to play these games, I want new twists on these games as well, Sega, you keep making Daytona games, the first one(Daytona Championship USA) was a good start but there needs to be better versions of Daytona. And Namco, you should make better versions of Ridge Racer for Arcades, perhaps with VR and a Cockpit View. As I, and the entire Video Arcade Preservation Society(VAPS) do not want these machines or games to die out. Perhaps make console versions of Daytona USA and Ridge Racer that were as rewarding as Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and other AAA Games. Because at this rate, the arcade is dying. There is one glimmer of hope, and that's the VR Industry. Virtual Reality could make the games more immersive, once this Motion Sickness problem is sorted, you could make a lot of good Arcade Games. Plus, with the state Video Games are in now, Download Speeds, Pre-Loads, DLC, what better time than to make Arcade Machines?

I have a suggestion for you Namco, to make a HD Remake of the original Ridge Racer for the Arcade that has a better Dead-Zone than Daytona Championship USA, using the Dead Heat Engine and it's AI System. With the Original Ridge Racer Soundtrack and everything. And add a Cockpit View for Good Measure, with one of the cars having a Central Driving Position similar to the McLaren F1. 

Sega, make a better version of Daytona Championship USA, with better scenery and optional VR Functionality. Plus make sure to add the cars from Daytona USA 2 and the Tracks as well. I know you might not have enough money or staff but I think it's a good Idea. Keep up Daytona, but Daytona Championship USA was a good start.

Just remember, I really want this industry to thrive 40 years on. Retro Gaming need not be dead in 40 years.

So after that Khumba journal entry I recently posted. I decided to see what Videomagique would be like, as Cinemagique is now defunct. And the Idea is is that I would calculate the costs for it and see if Disney could replace the project.

So first off, this is a crossover project, like the original Videomagique, but it's about a boy who gets sucked into his own Television Set, the introduction will be a Boy, Live on Stage, being sucked into the Television, and basically there would be special effects for each film, video game and movie. Basically it will start off like my Videomagique story, with him being next to Bill Cage in Edge of Tomorrow, and they both warn everyone the ship is about to explode. Tom Cruise would reprise his role for $1 Million. Then the Ace Combat sequence would play, where he is backseat pilot with Scarface One, and somehow, Bill Cage has turned into Maverick from Top Gun, as "Fire Away" and "Danger Zone" play in the background. Soon after that, he jumps out of the plane and lands in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, Markiplier being on the phone, This is probably another $1 Million as Markiplier is quite a big youtuber. Then after this, Rupert Everett makes a surprise guest appearance as Liquid Snake for $1 Million. Then we go through the rooms, another FNAF Jumpscare(The seats move when this happens), The Gun and Television from Videodrome(James Woods could easily make an appearance as he was in Hercules and Kingdom Hearts), Daniel Craig's James Bond firing shots from the introduction sequence and then the first of many appearances of Liam Neeson, saying that he is having a private phone call, another $1 Million added. Then after this, comes the battle sequence of Directus, with Yuri Lowenthal, Liam Neeson, Mark Hamill and Billy Murray taking key roles as Star Wars, Ace Combat, Narnia and Call of Duty clash.

After this, the boy arrives in the world of 3D Blocky Polygons in the world of Daytona, where Roger Craig Smith portrays Sonic again and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi makes a special guest appearance. Singing Daytona. Then Axel from Crazy Taxi portrayed by Dexter Holland appears and drives the boy back to his house. 

A lot of special effects will cost $250,000 initially.

Then for the actors

$1 Million for Tom Cruise
$1 Million for Liam Neeson
$1 Million for Rupert Everett
$1 Million for Mark Hamill
$1 Million for Dexter Holland
$1 Million for Markiplier
$250,000 for David Hayter
$250,000 for James Woods
$250,000 for Billy Murray
$250,000 for Yuri Lowenthal
$15 Million for the rights of using the movies in this short.
$3 Million for props
$1 Million for the Boy who gets cast in this movie.

And however much Disneyland would pay the Boy who portrays him on stage. It would be quite an expensive production, I would say I would make it on a budget of $50 Million. And therefore, this would be an Ideal Kickstarter Project, however, I think personally it would fail. But basically, I devised this as a Replacement for Cinemagique. It's a good idea, but what I need is the rights to the movies and all that. It would probably be the most expensive "Made for Amusement Park" movie ever, but hey, Eric Idle was in that ride about Imagination. So I'm pretty sure this could be possible.

Alright, that's it for now.

So I was reading about this film called Khumba, about a Zebra who faces off against an Eagle and a Leopard. And basically, I find it the world's most wasted opportunity for a movie. Basically, the film has stars from Narnia, Time Crisis, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid and even Zone Of The Enders. So the animation is stiff, from what i've been hearing, the storyline mediocre, and despite being made by a cheap film production company, the budget was bizarre, $20 Million and it only grossed $8 Million ahead of it's budget. But from what I've been hearing, the film had a cast of characters and each of the actors come from a franchise I like.

Basically, the film has really mixed reviews, I heard that it was a critical success in South Africa, but the Funday Pawpet Show crew absolutely hate it, I mean, it's better than Norm of the North, but the film isn't exactly a masterpiece.

The film basically has all these actors I like including.

Liam Neeson: aka Bryan Mills from Taken, Qui-Gonn Jinn from Star Wars and Aslan from Narnia. How he got in this film I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they paid him $1 Million.

Sam Riegel: The First Boss of Time Crisis 4, Marcus Black, and Marcus Lampert in Ace Combat 6. He was also in Digimon Data Squad.

Roger Jackson: who I often compare to Steven Blum, he is in Final Fantasy X, but to me he was Colonel Nohman in Zone of the Enders and was the highest paid of the actors, he was also the voice of the guy on the telephone in Scream. 

Phil LaMarr: Had a star acting role in Pulp Fiction, but I know him because he was Samurai Jack, as well as Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2. He was really brilliant in those shows, and again he is in this film.

Rupert Everett: Actor of the Fox in Narnia, Prince Charming in Shrek and starred with Rupert Farley in Shakespeare in Love. He is an absolutely awesome actor, he's openly gay as well. And somehow, I think he's in this because he and Liam Neeson were in the same casting agency at the time.

Ray Winstone: Another actor from Narnia who I don't know how he got here, but like I said, he was probably in the casting agency.

Somehow, this movie to me seems like it's a wasted opportunity, what with all these actors. They should have just made a crossover movie instead, or even work on a replacement to Cinemagique, because that is being replaced, because if they made a new version of Cinemagique that would be awesome, called Videomagique and based on my Videomagique Idea. Basically it would star all these actors, and would be the ultimate crossover, between Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Ace Combat, Zone Of The Enders, Narnia, Edge of Tomorrow, Scream and all other of my favourite franchises. Meaning that it would be the most expensive short film ever, with all of the actors from above plus David Hayter, Tom Cruise, Michael Fassbender, Matthew Broderick and Cam Clarke. It would be an awesome short film, but I just calculated the cost for all those rights and actors and at the moment, it would cost $18 Million, so not that bad. But it needs to happen somehow.

Alright, that's it for now.