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‘’It’s Here, It’s Here!’’ said Mr Rabbit screaming. ‘’What is it Mr Rabbit?’’ said Fox. ‘’Tall body, long arms, claw like hands, tuxedo, no face at all!’’ he said, panting and breathing. ‘’Oh Dear Oh Dear’’ said Fox, ‘’It’s Slendy, he’s been in White Deer Park, but we’ve never even encountered him before’’, ‘’But we Have’’ said Badger, ‘’Remember those Faceless Firemen we saw taking the fire out? They could be slender-men’’, ‘’Don’t be ridiculous Badger, they spoke Welsh, and they did have faces, they were just wearing special skin tone masks that’s all, a lot of people do it, perhaps this person is just-’’, Weasel came and in an unusually worried accent, ‘’It’s Blaze, he’s been taken by the Slenderman, Scarface is really upset’’.

''So what will happen now?'' said Kestrel, ''What's going on?'' said Bold and ''What shall we do'' said Owl? ''WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!'' said Fox, who was trying to get the situation sorted.

Meanwhile, Scarface was screaming over the supposed ‘’Death’’ of his son Blaze, and is fearing for his life because of the Slender Man, who had also recently ‘’Killed’’ 5 Hunters, ‘’I have to trust Fox and his Children, I have to, I know I may have hated them in the first place but this thing, this thing, will not stop at nothing to kill me and my Children, even the hunters have been killed by this Slender-Man thing’’.

Meanwhile, Fox found some notes left by the hunters, ‘’ALWAYS WATCHES, NO EYES’’ it said near the Stonehenge Monument, with Slender Man’s eyes replaced by X’s. Another said ‘’DON’T LOOK OR IT TAKES YOU’’. This made Fox very paranoid, just then, by accident, he bumped into Scarface, who looked like he needed help, ‘’Fox, I know I sort of hate you, but I need you to help me, I’m being hunted down by this Slender Man thing, and he’s going to kill me if you don’t help’’, just then, Fox saw the Warden’s house, and looked inside, The Warden was breathing heavily, he is absolutely distressed by the Slender Man, and started mumbling out the lyrics to ‘’In The Shadows’’ by The Stranglers. In absolute Fear and Mumbling. Fox then saw a hunter, the Slender Man absorbed him.

‘’Wait a minute, what if your son and all that are in another Dimension?’’ then Scarface decided to go True North, Fox followed, and decided to bring Vixen with him, the Warden also followed suit, with a flashlight in his hand, strange music played, an Organ that was in G-Major played, and so did a creepy choir, Fox was in plain white, only being able to hear Scarface, his Wife, and the Warden. He eventually found Blaze, but then Slender Man appeared, and got his claws ready to kill them all. Then by accident, he unleashes Giygas, the embodiment of evil, then Giygas theme started playing, The Warden remembered Earthbound and playing it, and decided to form a party of him, Fox, Vixen, Scarface and Blaze. They started praying so hard that eventually Giygas and Slender Man died and they could go back to White Deer Park, from this point on, Scarface and Fox made a truce. And history was altered, Bold could live a happy life without his father watching him, and Whisper eventually came to the park to meet him, Plucky got to see his father. And all was normal. For now.
I Wrote this because I thought that Farthing Wood and Slenderman and Giygas made a good match, I also had some inspiration from the series ''Stranger Things'' for the True North part, and Earthbound as well, which features Giygas. And I Wrote the Warden and everything into the story.

The Backstory is like a Creepypasta: A Fictional ''Halloween Special'' of Farthing Wood was released, but BBC Rejected it on the basis of it being scarier than any other Farthing Wood episode, they attempted to talk to Shigesato Itoi for the rights of Giygas, and BBC Dreamt up the idea of Slender Man, as they wanted to do the story ''The Siege of White Deer Park'', another problem was this is completely Non-Canonical, with Scarface and Fox being friends and characters who previously died being alive. After the Walrus episode of Pingu, they decided this was too scary. A Few copies were found and picked up by die-hard Farthing Wood fans, and some spoke to Rupert Farley and Ron Moody about the episode, who acknowledge the episode's existence. One of these fans was Eric Knudsen, who found a tape and created a very popular meme. Slender Man, this episode was due to be aired in 1996. But never got aired due to the BBC.

It's an interesting story. And if you want to read it here are the songs from the story.

''In The Shadows'' by the Strangers:…
Giygas theme:…

This is dedicated to Silent Hill fan :icondetectiverj: and my friend :iconcalistamonkey:.
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Submitted on
October 3, 2016