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The next day, Bold, Whisper and Weasel had an argument over Bowling, so they decided to go to the Bowling Alley to settle the fact on who is the best Bowler, however Bold wanted a go on Daytona USA first, featuring a circuit set in Farthinghurst, as he has been to Joypolis and Dinosaur Canyon. After winning on Daytona, Bold again proclaimed that he was invincible, and started singing the theme tune to the game that he hears ever such a lot at Dinosaur Canyon, which made some people just stare at him in anger and amusement. Weasel bowled first, but ended up holding the ball and smashing into the bowling pins. This made Bold howl with laughter, and eventually Weasel started howling in Laughter in her typical laugh, then Scarface threw the ball too hard and smashed a window, as this bowling alley was one of the few to have windows, then Fox came in and decided to impress his wife by scoring 6 in a row, he was rewarded with two turkeys, but none could beat Badger, who was so good he could score 300.

After bowling, Bold read a sign that said ‘’Classic and Custom Car Festival, White Deer Campsite, tomorrow from 1:00, bring a Racing Car or your old Car to the festival’’. This excited Bold, Badger, Scarface and even Fox & Vixen. Who wanted to show off their Porsche 911, and then Owl came in, and said that she was fond of this car festival, even if she can’t display her Schoolbus there.

At the Festival, there were plenty of stalls, Daytona Legends, which Bold, helping out Friendly was operating, with several people coming to show cars that were used in famous stock car races and appeared in Daytona USA. He also did some quiz about the races throughout history, such as a raffle and ‘’guess the positions of the 1996 Joypolis 2020 race’’. Other stalls included a Ferrari stall run by Fox and Vixen, and Scarface was running a stall featuring his favourite rally car, the Toyota Celica GT4 with Ranger, maintaining it and showing it to people. There were tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of cars. Visitors included Toad, The Squirrels, The Field mice and even Pingu himself. Who came to compliment Bold on his love for Daytona. And that he likes cute and fluffy things, including Bold himself, which made Bold really happy.

After this festival, the day after, Bold decided to go back to Farthinghurst, where everyone he knows, even Weasel lives. But this was just the beginning of adventures, who knew what Bold would get himself into next!
This is the final chapter to my Farthinghurst Goes Camping fanfic, but I will be writing another Farthinghurst City fanfic. Perhaps one about Bold going to Dinosaur Canyon or something, or maybe when I watch Carry On Girls. Where Bold first meets Whisper. I Made this completely original, with the only thing from Carry On Camping, is the Bowling Scene, where the man holds a bowling ball and goes down the lane. More Daytona references in as well. 

Also, this chapter is dedicated to :icondetectiverj:, who broke her ankle last week. I'm hoping that she will eventually read this when she's out of hospital. Also, thanks :iconcalistamonkey: for liking my work. You're a good friend. 
calistamonkey Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, who'd have known Badger was a bowling champion?  Haha XD I like the bowling antics, they made me chuckle XD  I like it how Owl has a schoolbus!  Is this because she's a teacher?  Haha, nice to have Pingu in on the action too!  XD
mdscarfaceone Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2016  Student Photographer
YES!!! PINGU!!! sorry. But he is such an awesome character.  He also has a weird method of Bowling.…

I did say that hopefully RJ Will read this when she's discharged, which I think will probably take 2 weeks or something. Sorry, but this is a good story.
calistamonkey Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAH, yeah XD He has some interesting technique going on there!

Aww, poor RJ, right? <3  Maybe when she's at home and feeling a bit better <3
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August 25, 2016