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OK everyone, I just wanted to say that I got a letter from Jon Glover, aka Cholmondley Warner or even Scarface from Farthing Wood. Now, just to let you know, He's not quite up with the times, he is 64 years old after all not to be rude. So here's what he said to me, he said he didn't know Metal Gear Solid or Daytona USA, or even Call of Duty, but he did say he loved working on Farthing Wood, even if he hasn't got any memorabilia, he liked my last comment, he had some scenes with my Uncle in the same Episode as Episodes even if he didn't actually meet him. But Still it was quite awesome, the Letter's hand written and everything. So I've actually touched his writing. Pretty amazing huh?

He also said he didn't really miss Ron Moody that much as he only met him once, I can see why, I think Badger only has one scene where he talks to Scarface(Badger dies shortly afterward) and I think the Great White Stag was seperate recordings. Which explains it, he doesn't know Ron Moody's son, probably because he's unaware he had a son and doesn't know Ron Moody that much. He also said that Keith Wickham was awesome, if a bit difficult to work with, Rupert Farley was also a bit difficult to work with. But that's acting for you. I Mean I'm pretty sure David Hayter was difficult as Snake. He's also, since 1971 a member of Equity, the Trade Union of Actors that I'd like to join.

Also, he didn't just star in ''Episodes'' with my sister's wife's uncle, he also starred in ''Shine on Harvey Moon'' and they shared at least one scene.

It's up on my bedroom wall now, so I may take a photo of it, censor my real name(I don't really like it when people know my real name) and put it on Deviantart.

I'm pretty sure :iconcalistamonkey: and :icondetectiverj: and :iconfreyfox: will love this.

Anyways, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
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January 11


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