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OK, so as I was reading about Call of Duty today, it looks like this year's Call of Duty will definitely be a World War II Title, simply called Call of Duty: WWII, now I've been reading on Twitter and Reddit, and this year's Call of Duty seems to be set in World War II, the guy who leaked it was the same guy who leaked the first images for Infinite Warfare, anyways, the new logo looks cool, it looks like the original COD Logo with no Gaps in the letters like the previous COD Logos.…

I Heard someone on Reddit say they had a friend who was in charge of Advertising for this year's COD, and he said it was definitely WWII, here's what I think the game will be like.

1. It Will Star Sir Ian McKellen and/or Liam Neeson: Hints towards this include that Glen Schofield worked on a Lord Of The Rings game back during his EA days, and Ian McKellen did voicing for it, and he drew a picture of Ian McKellen. Liam Neeson would be a good bet as well, as he's quite an awesome actor and perfectly suited to a Call of Duty game.

2. There will be a Spitfire Sequence: The hint towards this was this video, which had a clock counting to 2017 and made the Big Ben chime, suggesting there will be a sequence where you will be flying a Spitfire during the Blitz, which would be awesome, as I remember the London Blitz mission from Blazing Angels. And also Sledgehammer worked on the brilliant ''Throttle'' mission from Advanced Warfare, and combined with the Jackal sequences from Infinite Warfare, I think this could be the case. Alternatively, it could be that you play as a civilian(Who would eventually enlist and become the main character) escaping is house during the London Bombing and you are rushing towards the Underground, similar to the Prologue of Ghosts. More likely though it will be a Spitfire sequence considering ''Throttle''.

3. The Game will be AAA Cinematic Quality: Yes, there's no doubt that Call of Duty is AAA, but since Advanced Warfare, the games have been taking an awesome cinematic direction and there are cinematic quality characters, set pieces and cutscenes. The technology used to motion capture the characters is exactly the same motion capture technology used for films. I think it would be even more awesome if Steven Spielberg got involved in the game somehow, Guy Ritchie helped out Kit Harrington's scenes in Infinite Warfare.

4. Killstreaks will include Kamikaze: The Predator Killstreak from Modern Warfare was awesome, but imagine a version of it where you are in the Cockpit of a Kamikaze with more Freedom. Other Killstreaks could include tanks, spies, radios and other stuff.

5. Medals and Emblems will return, and Supply Drops will be removed: It might be unlikely that the controversial supply drops will be removed, but Medals will definitely return, and you will be rewarded the way you get kills, Emblems will be back, and you can edit them as well. But there will be special Medals as well and prestige. Not sure about Mission Teams though, but there were Mercenary divisions in WWII.

6. Nazi Zombies will return: This being a WWII game, and after Infinite Warfare Zombies, I think this year's game will be Nazi Zombies again, and that this time, it will be Content Rich, even more Content Rich than IW Zombies.

7. Andy Murray or Usain Bolt will guest star: I Had a premonition in a dream that Andy Murray would star in this year's game, he's a massive fan of MW2, the reason why he split up with Kim Sears, the person who would eventually be his Wife. My mother thinks that it might not happen because of what happened in Dunblane, but I think that WWII is an important historical event and that it would be awesome for Andy Murray to play a WWII Character, there were Black Soldiers in WWII as well, no offense, so Usain Bolt could be playing a character as well as he's a massive fan of Call of Duty, Michael Phelps I think simply wanted to do a Commercial and not be involved in the game as an actor, but this could be the case. After Marshawn Lynch, Conor McGregor and Lewis Hamilton(who personally told me he would be involved in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), I think it would be awesome.

Right, so anyways, I think Treyarch and Infinity Ward are helping work on this game just like how Treyarch and Sledgehammer helped Infinity Ward on Infinite Warfare, and what's more, I'm thinking about pre-ordering the PS4 version instead of the Xbox One because PS4 has exclusive DLC and you can access Betas early. This is definitely the game the Fans want, and Boots on the Ground may be easier for me to handle as well.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so as I write this, two days ago there was a terrorist attack in London. It really makes me sad and the saddest thing is that a Police Officer, and a 75 year old man died. I wonder what his family thinks, anyway, that day, on the way back home from College, I was listening to Planet Rock Radio, and Loz Guest from Kerrang was on the radio, the best bit was despite the sad day, he was very non-chalant and kept guiding his viewers through the decades of Rock. Must be really nice of him. I even spoke to him on Twitter and he liked my post.

Anyways, I want to get a job at this Fox Sanctuary I want to go to. I want to do Volunteering work, and my new friend at college says she thinks it's sad that Foxes are considered ''Vermin''. Yes, I'm in a Working Relationship with her, I'm even considering collaborating on an Art Project, anyways. I want to help Orphaned Fox Cubs get back to the Wild, and feed them and everything. I really want to help, and I just feel sorry for the Foxes, having grown up watching Redwall, Farthing Wood and Fantastic Mr Fox along with Narnia. I think that Foxes really need to be treated with Respect. There was this one Fox who was at the sanctuary who sadly died at 3 years old, she was too tame to go to the Wild, and her name was Pudding. She was an ambassador for the Sanctuary. 

Anyways, watching Comic Relief at the moment, the only thing that can calm the Public Down during this week. And I also worry about Terrorism, a lot, this is quite a sensitive subject, anyways, after this attack, the attacker was known as a Lone Wolf, and it means that he didn't have any support from Baghdadi or anything. This means that even if Bin Laden is dead, and Baghdadi is next, it won't change anything. Because there will always be Lone Wolves with no support whatsoever.

Sorry about the sensitive subject, but I just felt a bit sad on Wednesday, and I especially have my thoughts with that 75 year old's family.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so you know how I said that this month I would be getting Virtual On again, well it looks like there's going to be a new Virtual On game in the works. Crossed over with an anime called A Certain Magical Index. Which I haven't heard of until now. I've been reading that it will have the famous fast paced mech combat of the original game. I really wish it would have Rupert Farley's Japanese Counterpart, Houchu Otsuka in it.… he was also Ramon Galvez Mena or Vladimir Zadornov in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the Doctor from Metal Gear Solid V. Yeah, it will be awesome, hopefully it will reignite the Competitive scene in Japan, and an Arcade Version will be released. Man I loved the original Virtual On on my Saturn. And the Gundam inspired mechs I absolutely love. :icondansyron: art looks like Virtual On, but he has never heard of Virtual On, and he's not involved in this game either. Don't know if he's heard of A Certain Magical Index either. 

Virtual On is a very Inspirational game, the three dimensional movement inspired Multiplayer Shooters, and the fact that different characters have different weapons that can be countered with different character types is very similar to the Mechanics of the modern MOBA, and of course, along with Punch-Out! and Virtua Fighter, inspired the combat system in Pokemon Go. The soundtrack is absolutely awesome, and this game came out one year after Farthing Wood ended, 1996. It was also Japan's No 1 Coin Op that year, mainly because of the competitive scene that rose from it. The story is interesting as well, basically, Virtual On Arcade Machines, in-universe and not in real life, are basically Virtual Reality machines that once they go past Bal-Bas-Bow's level, the players are teleported to the machines and the actual fighting begins, in fact, before A Certain Magical Index, there was a Virtual On cabinet in Hyoka. And I think I remember an Anime that had a Parody version of Virtual On.

The first time I played it was as a child, and it came in the Sega Flash disc with the other game I loved on the disc, Daytona USA CCE. And of course my dad's favourite video game, Tomb Raider, which I love as well. I also loved the Launch Sequence in Virtual On , select a mech, then it launches out of a Hangar, similar to the Jackal sequence from Infinite Warfare.

Anyways, here is the game's most famous song.

It will be awesome, and I can't wait already.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so 2 days ago, I went to a concert to see Space, it was quite good, and I sort of met Tommy Scott, my buddy :iconfreyfox: met Franny and the Drummer Allan as well. Phil once walked past me once, and it was quite awesome. Tommy Scott kind of looks like Robert Downey Jr, and he was wearing a hat, and slightly drunk as well lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I've been playing Call of Duty again, and I'm considering asking Lewis Hamilton his PSN ID or Gamertag, maybe I'll ask him if he prefers Playstation or Xbox One. Anyways, talking of Call of Duty, I'm still wondering whether it's Vietnam or World War 2 or even MW4, I just think that MW4 could explore Salen Kotch's Ancestry, was there any character in the Modern Warfare series who shared a surname with an Infinite Warfare character? I think Tee might be mixed-race and is the grandson of Ghost. I'm not sure.

Anyways, I've been watching this TV Show called ''The Worst Witch'' which is based on a 1974 novel by Jill Murphy that became a series, and I think it's basically the Noble-Bright version of Harry Potter. Noble-Bright is essentially the opposite of Grim-Dark, and basically means in TV Tropes Terms Lighter and Softer. Here we go then, basically there is a witch called Mildred Hubble who is basically in Harry Potter terms, a Mudblood. And she has friends as well, like Maud, Enid and her rival Ethel, basically Ethel is Draco Malfoy, Miss Cackle is Dumbledore, and Hardbroom is Snape. Because she is a potions teacher who hates Mildred. Just like Snape who is a Dark Arts teacher who hates Harry Potter.

Anyways, it's my birthday this month, and I'm thinking about getting a Paintball experience as well as new copies of Virtual-On: Operation Moongate, one of my favourite video games ever, on the Saturn again, and Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast as well. I'm still doing good at College, and I reckon that by Year 3, I'll be in a Drama class or something.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
This is quite a sensitive subject, so I suggest if you don't want to read it you don't do it.

OK, so I've been watching and reading the news recently and a lot of people have been claiming that PewDiePie, is an Anti-Semite. Now, let me get this clear to you, these videos have a lot of opinions on the matter and viewer discretion is advised.



Now, H3H3, who is Jewish, defended Pewdiepie by saying that his ''Death to All Jews'' was a joke, I agree with him, and some people take jokes too seriously, and H3H3 has pointed out that Maker Studios is owned by Disney, and that by dropping Pewdiepie for being an Anti-Semite Disney are hypocrites because Walt Disney was an Anti-Semite himself.

Now, Walt Disney was indeed an Anti-Semite, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't watch his works or anything, he was still a good artist, and he never explicitly made any films on Anti-Semitism. Also, I have a friend who is the son of Ron Moody from Oliver and Farthing Wood, now, Ron Moody was Jewish, and he starred in ''A Kid in King Arthur's Court'' as Merlin, and ''A Kid In King Arthur's Court'' was produced by you guessed it, Walt Disney Studios, this may have been after his death in 1966, but it still indicates that Ron Moody doesn't care about Walt Disney being against Jews. I mean, the thing is with Pewdiepie and Walt Disney, is that they never killed anyone, they never set up Concentration Camps, and they certainly never burnt Torahs or stuff like that, whilst Hitler did. And trust me, I am respectful of all religions, talking of Respect, :icontwokinds: brother, Markiplier, and a good friend of Pewdiepie, did a video on Respect.


It's lost because people will keep arguing about stuff like misconceptions due to Extremists, Political Views, and of course people like Donald Trump, look at Gary Chalk, the Redwall Illustrator and fan of Warhammer, he's been swearing about how the world works because of Brexit and Donald Trump. 

Someone commented on Youtube that even if Hitler was evil, his Tactics and how he brought up Germany was Respectful, now, devil's advocate and slight hypocrisy here, a lot of people, including me would sometimes disagree with that, but I do admire German War Technology, regardless of what they were used for. But I would never respect the Philosophy of the Axis, but like I said, Hitler killed Jews, Pewdiepie, truly did nothing wrong.

Now, I'm nearly at the end of this, just saying that I think people should be a bit more Tolerant, the absolute worst of it comes from Encyclopedia Dramatica, which even though I do have a good laugh at it(hypocrisy again), and I look at it because it's interesting, shows most of the disrespect, but it is Satirical, doesn't mean it's Light-Hearted, but Satirical, meaning that everything was done for Humour, but some of the absolute worst can come out of it.

This is Scarface, Out.
OK, so first of all, as I write this, I got an E-Mail from Rupert Farley, aka the actor of Fox from Farthing Wood, saying that Farthing Wood was still relevant today, what with Mass Extinction and Climate Change, and :iconfreyfox: seems to agree with me. It was quite awesome, and another Farthing Wood connection I have.

Anyways, as I write this, I'm just discovering what the Best music in Call of Duty is, first of all, even though I have played MW2, Hans Zimmer's soundtrack was IMO not that memorable, it's not as Memorable as his ''Lion King'' soundtrack. Anyways, here we go.

Brian Tyler, Modern Warfare 3, Dust to Dust: [link]

The Reason why I like this song is because even though it's not by Hans Zimmer and it's by Brian Tyler, who recently composed Triple X The Return of Xander Cage. The Rock Riffs at the beginning are absolutely awesome, and it's the Orchestral piece that makes the song more powerful, as Price goes on a roaring rampage of revenge, it makes the level feel more meaningful, like you really want to kill Makarov. The level was just as good as the song, with the end where Makarov gets his comeuppance for killing Soap and that Little Girl, where he gets strangled to death by Price.

Harry Gregson-Williams, Advanced Warfare, Menu Theme: [link]

Yes, the person who did the soundtrack to Narnia and Metal Gear Solid is here to do the menu theme for 2014's Advanced Warfare, it's absolutely awesome, and I like to sing the words ''Advanced Warfare'' to it as it's a Four note song, which matches the four Syllables in Advanced Warfare. It just feels awesome and Memorable.

The Treyarch Jingle: [link]

Everytime I hear this Jingle, I always get this awesome Nostalgic Feeling, especially in World at War, not much to it, really. But it's in every Treyarch game since World at War.

Jack Wall, Black Ops II, Matchmaking: [link]

Now this song is awesome because I always remember it from the games of Black Ops II I played last year with my sister, and it just has this awesome feeling, especially when you are sorting out Loadouts and it just makes you feel relaxed while you are sorting out the match and loadouts.

Avenged Sevenfold, Black Ops II, Carry On: [link]

Probably the best bit in all of Call of Duty, Avenged Sevenfold put on a concert at Club Solar and all of the characters, including Viktor Reznov, my favourite character in all of the Call of Duty games, as Menendez plays on the Guitar, Frank Woods, acted by James C Burns who I've actually spoken to on Twitter, plays the Drums. It was awesome and I wish more Call of Duty games had endings like Black Ops II.

Anyways, that's all of my COD Songs, I will add some more later when I think about it, and hopefully this year's game will feature good music. The new game, from what I know, will probably have a Teaser in Infinite Warfare on April 29th, then on the 30th, there will be more to it, then on the 1st or 2nd, big reveal.

Alright, that's it for now, Scarface Out.

OK, so first of all, before I start talking about what the 2017 COD may be, I just wanted to say that I went to Games Workshop on Wednesday this week, and discovered you can model and paint miniatures there, and they have gaming sessions on a Thursday, which is why they stay open until 8PM on Thursday. Not sure if there's a fee for all this but it does sound awesome. And I will look into it Next Week.

Anyways, here's the main topic of the Article, theories as to what the 2017 Call of Duty will be. What I know is that it's going to be by Sledgehammer, the makers of Advanced Warfare, and that it won't be AW2 because it's going to have ''Traditional Combat''. Now, I have a good feeling that this is going to be World at War 2, because the New Year's Tweet had a clock with the Big Ben Chimes, which means that it could be set in London during World War II. Here's the theory, there's going to be Spitfire Battles similar to the Jackal Battles from Infinite Warfare but mainly based on the Spitfire, and I reckon what will happen is, like you controlled a Gunboat Gunner in World At War, in this scene you will temporarily control a Spitfire Pilot, and you will do the Battle of Britain, or the main character hijacks a Spitfire and does the Battle of Britain. It would be awesome, and you'd be able to destroy bombers, and it would be set at night and everything.

However, another thing is, who is going to be the Celebrity Cameo in this Call of Duty? Marshawn Lynch was in Black Ops III, and Lewis Hamilton and Conor McGregor were in Infinite Warfare, I have a feeling it might be Usain Bolt(There were Black Soldiers in WWII, no offense), or Michael Phelps(even if he starred in the Infinite Warfare commercial), or possibly even Sir Andy Murray, as Andy Murray was addicted to Modern Warfare 2, and it was the reason why he split up with his girlfriend who eventually became his wife.

I mean, who I'd really like it to be is Prince William, what may happen is that one day, I will meet him, and ask him if he likes Call of Duty, and if he says he does, then I will ask him if he wants a Cameo, he might say ''ask my brother about that''. But my mother says it would be controversial if Prince William was in it. True, Manuel Noriega wanted to Sue Activision for his appearance in Black Ops II, that was admittedly done without his permission, and so was Jonas Savimbi's family. But Prince William would do it with permission from his grandmother and wife and then, voila, first ever Royal or Politician to be in Call of Duty. Just imagine the headline, ''Father of Two and Royal Prince William is in Call of Duty''.

I mean World War II was full of British Soldiers after all, if it is World at War II, I think it should be Four Characters, 10 European Missions would be played by a British Soldier and a German Soldier, then it will be an American Soldier, and then finally the Fighter Pilot.

Most likely though, I think the guest will either be Andy Murray or Usain Bolt.

I mean it will probably be the most successful Call of Duty yet, also, if it was AW2, then Pardon my french, people would lose their shit. Just look at how many dislikes Infinite Warfare got, I wouldn't mind personally but still, AW2 would be too futuristic for this year's game.

Here are some Ideas for what this years COD could be.

Modern Warfare 4: It could happen, as Sledgehammer worked on Modern Warfare 3 and Infinite Warfare is set in the Modern Warfare Universe, meaning that this game could Bridge the Gap between the events between Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare.…

World At War 2: The most likely IMO, because World War 2 is traditional combat and Battlefield 1 came out last year, plus Spitfires and characters.…

Advanced Warfare 2: Unlikely but Possible, as the game did start development after AW, but it's ''Traditional Combat'' so it's very unlikely.…

Ghosts 2: Ghosts had a Cliffhanger, but was generally not well received so it could be as unlikely as it is likely. But it featured the Traditional Combat that this game will have, in fact it was the last COD to have Traditional Combat.…

Vietnam: Just as likely as the World War 2 theory, and it could be a good setting for a Call of Duty Game, a lot of leaks suggest that the game could be set in Vietnam, hopefully more Helicopter sequences like in Black Ops involving Hinds.

Anyways, still enjoying Warhammer to the point that I bought Total War: Warhammer, but I need to fix this glitch involving the Campaign and how it won't start.

Alright, that's all for now, Scarface Out.

RE: I just realized that if it's World at War 2, it may have to fit in with the Black Ops Canon, but it could be a completely seperate World War 2 Game, so it might be Vietnam, I'd love it though if Gary Oldman returned to do a voice.
OK everyone, I just wanted to let you know that thanks to a friend of mine in College, I've discovered a love for Warhammer 40K. And go on 1d4chan, the Tabletop Gaming version of Encyclopedia Dramatica regularly. 

Right so first of all, my friend at college is not the only person who's obsessed with Warhammer, my friend :icontheburningprincess: used to be obsessed with it to the point she even tried to make an AU of it. At the moment, I'm making an AU of both Warhammer 40K and Metamor Keep called MK40K, which will be updated, a lot. It's non canon, but then again, there are a lot of Warhammer 40K things that are not canon.

Anyways, another thing, it's sort of difficult being a Furry and a Warhammer fan, on 1d4chan, it said about this famous incident that led to the creation of the /tg/ board on 4chan, because too many furries were on the /b/ board on a Wednesday, for some reason, someone managed to create a compromise, and angering the furries, the Warhammer 40K fans took over. Now the Irony of this is is that Gary Chalk, who did the illustrations to Redwall, was actually quite a fan of Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy anyway, and he created his own Wargame called Fantasy Warlord after splitting from Games Workshop, which was generally unsuccessful and ended after 18 months. And also, there is a Skaven army called the Blackeners, who are all named after fictional rats, including Cluny The Scourge from Redwall. Still, I don't get why Furries and 40K fans argued with each other that much.

Anyways, you know how I spoke to George Mann last week? It turned out he also used to be the head of the Warhammer 40K Black Library publishing division, even though he did not write as many books as Dan Abnett did, so Dan Abnett is really the head of the Black Library, he was also the head of the GW Design Studio in his last three years as well. I'm also considering going to Warhammer World, and going to my nearest Games Workshop and of course, I want to buy several Space Marines, paint them in Slagar's colours and Vale Restault's Valkyrie and submit them to Deviantart. 

I Just hope that :iconvirmir: even though I think he's unfamiliar with the Warhammer setting will like it.

Here's an FAQ on my Warhammer 40K alternative universe, explaining why there are hundreds of thousands of chapters of Space Marines unlike in the original, as well as other Questions.…

And here is the main Wiki Homepage.…

Anyways, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
OK, so today,  I went to a Local Comic Convention in a town near me. I Got to meet a lot of people who had roles in Film and TV and wrote Comics.

First of all, I Met George Mann, writer of the Dark Souls comics, I told him about :iconfoxalbiazul: and his pet foxes, and how Foxalbiazul absolutely loves the series. I also asked if he was trying to put more Context and Exposition into the series, and he said ''Sort of, it's really set in it's own universe though and we try not to tread on the toes of the universe of the games too much''. And I got signed Comics by him with my name on them.

Second, I met Femi Taylor, aka Oola from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, she worked alongside the late Carrie Fisher in it. And I got a Selfie with her and a signed photograph for £15. It was quite awesome, and was the first time I met a Star Wars actor in person, as I have spoken to David Hayter(Better known as Snake from Metal Gear) on Twitter, he was in Star Wars: The Old Republic as the Male Player Character you could choose.

Third, I met Martin Ballantyne, who was The Joker's Henchman in the Dark Knight, I was amazed he had a role in The Golden Compass, and he was kind of like Rupert Farley in some ways, so I decided to get a signed photo of him, he was also in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I also got a picture taken with him.

Also there was Dan Tuite and Tim Plester from Game of Thrones, who I didn't speak to personally but I took a photo of. But they were there, also there was Hugh Spight(AKA Hugh Spirit), the Puppeteer who worked on The Dark Crystal, Star Wars and was a Dalek Operator, he sometimes comes to my Mum's work. He also worked as a Background Character in one of my favourite ever films, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and there was a guy dressed up as Judge Dredd, and he had a baton and a radio and everything, I remember seeing Judge Dredd's car at the Heritage Motor Museum, and there were men dressed up as Stormtroopers, which was also awesome.

Finally, RIP John Hurt, A brilliant actor who I knew for Doctor Who, Alien, The Plague Dogs, Harry Potter and Watership Down. He worked with Tim Curry in the Scream, sad to say he lost a battle with cancer.

Overall, I had a good day and getting those autographs and images was quite a fortune, but worth it. Hopefully one day I'll go to Confuzzled or the MCM Convention.

For the next convention, I think they should get Jon Glover, Miles Jupp and my uncle Roger Planer as guests, and maybe me and my dad could sell those Planet of the Apes comics that he wants to sell, hopefully with a little help with an American who starred in the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie called Paul Bunnell, or someone who starred in the movies.

Anyways, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
OK everyone, I stole this from :icondetectiverj: because I thought it looked interesting. I've gotten rid of some that I can't really answer, and I'll add some new ones in there as well.

Dear Person I Miss

I really miss the times we went out together and went to the Cinema and stuff, and talking to each other about Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, and many old films. I should have told you more, I'm really sorry for liking this other person more than you but you mean't a lot to me in my days. I do talk to you occasionally, but I'm trying to do my own thing.

Dear Mom

I really love you for your support and I thank you for getting me into College, I know the days are long, but still I love you and I'm glad I've got someone to talk to.

Dear Future Me

I know that you don't know who you are yet, and I know that some of your relatives are getting old and are dying, but please just hang on for me, I know you may be a Bartender, Radio Presenter, Writer, Musician or even an Actor who makes Millions. But you also need to forget about the past, because it's making you anxious.

Dear Past Me

I really wish you didn't do the things that you did, but you had to didn't you? You had rivalries, you were insane, but at least you were the reason why I'm here.

Dear Person I'm Jealous Of

I have a lot of people to be Jealous of, some of them can drive, some of them are better at certain games than me, but at least I know these people and that I have issues of my own.

Dear Other Person I Miss

I Miss playing on the keyboard in your studio and doing music with you, I did such good music and you really liked me, I just hope you'll know what I'm doing in college.

Dear Dad

Thanks for taking me out to places like the Motorcycle Live Expo and IWM Duxford. Without you, I wouldn't be a Rocker like I am today, thanks for introducing me to the Stranglers and all that. I know you are Ill with a cold, but I still love you.

RE: I know you have Diabetes, and I'm sorry about that, I worry about you from Time to Time, but I still love you.

Well anyways, that's all for now, I'll put some more in possibly later. But I know that I really do love myself and that I'm compassionate enough despite my issues.
OK everyone, I just wanted to say that I got a letter from Jon Glover, aka Cholmondley Warner or even Scarface from Farthing Wood. Now, just to let you know, He's not quite up with the times, he is 64 years old after all not to be rude. So here's what he said to me, he said he didn't know Metal Gear Solid or Daytona USA, or even Call of Duty, but he did say he loved working on Farthing Wood, even if he hasn't got any memorabilia, he liked my last comment, he had some scenes with my Uncle in the same Episode as Episodes even if he didn't actually meet him. But Still it was quite awesome, the Letter's hand written and everything. So I've actually touched his writing. Pretty amazing huh?

He also said he didn't really miss Ron Moody that much as he only met him once, I can see why, I think Badger only has one scene where he talks to Scarface(Badger dies shortly afterward) and I think the Great White Stag was seperate recordings. Which explains it, he doesn't know Ron Moody's son, probably because he's unaware he had a son and doesn't know Ron Moody that much. He also said that Keith Wickham was awesome, if a bit difficult to work with, Rupert Farley was also a bit difficult to work with. But that's acting for you. I Mean I'm pretty sure David Hayter was difficult as Snake. He's also, since 1971 a member of Equity, the Trade Union of Actors that I'd like to join.

Also, he didn't just star in ''Episodes'' with my sister's wife's uncle, he also starred in ''Shine on Harvey Moon'' and they shared at least one scene.

It's up on my bedroom wall now, so I may take a photo of it, censor my real name(I don't really like it when people know my real name) and put it on Deviantart.

I'm pretty sure :iconcalistamonkey: and :icondetectiverj: and :iconfreyfox: will love this.

Anyways, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
OK Everyone, I just wanted to say that I got my First Play of the Game in Overwatch. And here's how it happened.

I've played 7 matches as D.Va, 2 Matches as McCree and 1 Match as Lucio.  And this was my 10th ever match in Overwatch, and do you know what happened? I got Play of the Game. Now it's a bit of a story, but here it goes, basically I was playing as D.Va in Hanamura(One of the most recognizable maps) and there was a control point, so I took the Control Point while defending it, I was the only one who claimed the control point, which made me be on Fire, then there was this annoying Bastion player, so what I did was I decided to rush into him and self-destruct, as luckily I had got the self-destruct Function available, then there was another Control Point, and after several good kills there was some people outside the Control Point so I also self-destructed there. Because of this, I got my very first ever Play of the Game, in just 10 matches as well. I also, with help from myself, got voted Epic because I absorbed a lot of Damage, it was awesome, and it probably means that I will learn and try and make more Plays.

Anyways, that's it for now, Scarface Out.
OK, so I wrote seven chapters of Icemount Town, a Furry Fiction I wrote, and published it on Wattpad.

I will be publishing chapters almost daily, and here's the thing. Here is the story of the story. In August 2015, I had a thought to myself, what if I could make a piece of furry fiction that could be the next big thing? So I went ahead and wrote it, here's the thing, with the realisation that Zootopia was coming near and that I was suffering Writer's Block, the story could never be finished. I was even thinking about getting it published by a Publisher like Sofawolf Press or FurPlanet. And I had big dreams for the story, no lie, I wanted it to be an Anime Film by the makers of Summer Wars and The Wolf Children, Mamoru Hosoda. Near the end of the story, it started getting too self referential for it's own good, I started referencing Zootopia, to a lot of other things that were awesome references, from The Stranglers, The Sex Pistols to Gliding and Daytona USA.

It was quite an awesome story, despite being too self referential for it's own good. But I had high hopes for it, I wanted to be the next Kyell Gold. Heck even the next JK Rowling. But like I said, Writer's Block caused a lot of problems with the story. Nowadays, I have dreams of writing War Fiction or Video Game Design. If anything, this story needs a lot of attention because it was my first attempt to try and write a Novel, albeit an Incomplete one. You could say it was a Grittier, more Maturer version of Zootopia. Near the end of the story, it's revealed this story takes place in the same universe as Zootopia.

Alright, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
So, I'm just writing this Journal because I really want a Ridge Racer Type 4 Remake. One that's PS4 exclusive, and features HD Graphics. So here are the features. Inspired by :iconjetsetsonic:

1. Set during Real Racing Roots 2019.
2. 7 Teams to choose from including the 4 Original Teams, featuring fully voiced versions of the Team Principals, including Yazaki, Chrisman, Gilbert and Chevalier.
3. Cockpit View, Terrazi Cars have advanced HUDs, Lizard Cars have old tech, Assoluto's feature a mixture between the two and Age cars featuring a luxurious cockpit.
4. Original Ridge Racer Type 4 Soundtrack remastered.
5. HD Versions of the Original Tracks, including classics like Helter Skelter and Phantomile.
6. NeGCon and Jogcon re-released for the PS4.
7. Cars have transparent windows like in Daytona USA 2 so you can see what each driver is doing inside them.
8. Different uniforms for each driver and team.
9. Unlockable remakes of original Ridge Racer tracks in place of High-Spec Demo.
10. Extra cars from Kamata, Soldat and the recently resurrected Rivelta.
11. For the first time in a Ridge Racer game, Pit Stops, featuring mechanical damage and refueling to add more time.
12. Race the cars you've unlocked in a New Game+ mode featuring Real Racing Roots 2020.
13. Voice actors, featuring Tony Purnell(Former head of Jaguar Racing) as Robert Chrisman, Houchu Otsuka as Shinji Yazaki, Jon Glover performing an Italian accent as Enki Gilbert, and Tara Platt(Yuri Lowenthal's wife) as Sophie Chevalier.

Yeah, so basically, this game would be an awesome remake, Namco did a poll to see which of their games to be Remade and included on that list was R4, which won a lot of votes but ultimately lost out to the equally awesome Ace Combat 5. So an R4 Remake would be really likely, and Playstation launch games used to always include Ridge Racer, so this could be a PS5 Title, provided the console ever comes out. If you like this, check out :iconjetsetsonic: Ridge Racer Type 8 Idea. Which is very similar and also inspired me to make this. I'm thinking about making a Farthing Wood/R4 Crossover.

Anyways, that's all for now, Scarface Out.
Here's an Idea for Metal Gear Solid 6 I posted on Reddit…

At the moment there is a very mixed reception to the Idea, and the thing is, it won't happen unless.

1. I get Recruited by Konami(Not gonna happen unless I start a 3 man development team featuring a Designer, a Programmer and a Concept Artist, and then after successful indie games they notice me, but Extra Credits say that running an Indie Team is really hard, especially distribution).
2. Konami stop making Pachinko Machines and focus on proper Triple A games.
3. Konami think that I'm as good as Kojima.
4. Konami get a good Mech Artist.

and many more reasons, but this game would be so awesome, with Rupert Farley as the Colonel, Jon Glover as the computer voice for the Metal Gears and Gray Fox II who is a Robot Fox Buddy similar to Blade Wolf and the successor to Gray Fox who has Scarface's accent. And unlockable Mechs with Infinite Reloading Ammo and a Cockpit View. Yes I must admit, Plasma Snake was a bit of a stupid name, but I'd love this if this was like Metal Gear Solid 2 and openly criticised the player for their actions. And had a Mech-based Quirky Miniboss Squad who once you defeat, you unlock their Metal Gears. And Psycho Mantis's Illegitimate son who possesses the Colonel to say ''I need scissors, 61'' and many other Colonel classics.

If anything, they need to make this game an awesome satire, parodying the facts like Plasma Snake and Plasma Liquid's existence, saying why the game is similar and why this is the second time that this happened.

Anyways, I'll talk more about this later, that's it for now, Scarface out. 
OK, so this year has been a great year, apart from the fact a lot of famous people died. And here's to 2017, where hopefully my wishes will come true, my first wish is to have a successful time at a new College, I'll still be here on the nights.

My second wish is that I enjoy all the concerts I go to, I'm seeing :iconfreyfox: Favourite Space, hopefully without Ulcers this time, and then I'll be seeing The Stranglers in Birmingham, then after that it will be Iron Maiden in Liverpool, after that Guns N Roses in London, then finally Green Day in Hyde Park.

My Third wish is that Jon Glover sends me back a letter, because he knows my mailing address now and he's got my letter, so hopefully I will get mail next week, it's either second class or he hasn't sent it yet. I am patient though.

My Fourth Wish is for Megabots and Suidobashi to battle in 2017, regardless of what date, it might be 2018 yet, but it's said that it will be televised, bring in lots of sponsorship money, and hopefully make Mech Fighting a proper sport which I would love to take part in.

My Fifth Wish is that I enjoy my 20th Birthday, because my dad's going to be 55 in 2017 and I'm going to be 20, which stresses me out a bit because it means more responsibility in life.

My Sixth Wish is that there will be not too many celebrity deaths next year. RIP Carrie Fisher and George Michael.

Anyways, I'll have a good new year, and it will be brilliant, hopefully I'll see lots of new stuff and everything.

Alright That's all for now, Scarface Out.
stolen from :icondetectiverj:, I've decided to write this Quiz featuring the same questions and my opinions on them. I've decided not to do all questions as it's too much hassle. But there are some that are interesting.

Do you remember the first conversation you had with the person you have feelings for? What happened?

I never really had feelings for any person, and even if I did usually I wouldn't associate the Feelings anyway.

Do you dread certain days of the week?

In simple answer's no.

Have you recently had plans with someone and they cancelled?

Sometimes Video Games that get delayed make me very angry, but not really no.

Do you know anyone that has been in rehab?
No not really, I do have a couple of friends who have been depressed but that's it.

Have you ever liked someone older than you?

Yes I indeed have, and sometimes I feel very guilty about it.

Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?

Difficult to tell really, my mother says that it's best to be single and that when she first married my dad they both didn't go to concerts until the 1990s. Other times I Feel like I want a girlfriend and that's really really difficult. Then again, Chris-Chan tried getting into relationships and he kept getting trolled until he felt too stressed to do it, so that's another worry as well.

Are you a bad influence?

Not Really, but Autism can make it seem that way, I have done some stupid things over the years, but I hate my 13 year old self a lot as he did a lot of stupid things and all that.

Have you ever kissed someone who was high?

Simple answer, no.

Have you lost friends in the past 3 years?

Well, my sister lost a friend last year and he had cancer, and then one of the close friends of the Funday Pawpet Show, JBadger, died of Cancer this May. And when he died, I just went to bed, tearful. He looked like he was going to Pull Through as well.

Are you close to your father?

Yes, we share a lot of things, a love of music, a love of vehicles and a versatile accent. We went to a Motorcycle Convention in Birmingham last month actually and we do get on with each other. Yes, sometimes my Autism can be quite hard on both of us but we easily get over it. He introduced me to the Stranglers, his favourite band and me and him absolutely love it.

Are you happier now or three months ago?

Not too happy that lots of people have died this year, but a lot of people are following me on Twitter and liking my tweets, from Wilko Johnson and Glenn Hughes to David Walliams and Mark Estdale who has worked with Rupert Farley.

Is there that one guy/girl that you'll always have feelings for no matter what?

Simple Answer, Maybe.

Do you like winter time?

Yes, have you ever heard the song ''Searchin for my Dreams'' from Sega Rally 2? Well it's basically one of the most wintery songs around and it plays during the Snow stage of Sega Rally 2, Winter is awesome because it's Cold and you can enjoy hot baths and everything. [link]

Were you intoxicated the last time you threw up?

No, it was because of this stupid thing called Catarrh. Which makes so much Phlegm go in your throat that it makes you vomit, I actually think it's God's Punishment for Rock N Roll.


If you count Motorsport than yes, I own Dozens of Motorsport games and I've been to a few Motorsport events, if it's a conventional sport than it's probably Basketball. As in the NBA Games there's no worry about how slow players are because it is Fast and the Dribbling is extremely fast, small pitch as well. But I have met a lot of Motorsport Stars, such as Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Carl Fogarty.

What's your favourite Memory?

I have dozens of favourite memories, including the first time I completed Ace Combat 2, to this music no less, [link] Going out with my friend and carer who currently lives in Cambodia, having dinner at a restaurant in Portsmouth, and many more.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night due to bad dreams?

Well recently I had a dream about Teletubbies that I wanted to wake up from, I do have mixed opinions on them, as much as I also love them, the premise of the show sometimes gives me nightmares, but I love them due to Jim Broadbent and SMG4, and then I keep waking up due to dreams about my carer.

Are you Sarcastic?

Yeah Sure, I am Sarcastic, it's a natural inheritance of an accent that me and my dad have, it may come from London, but it sounds like the sort of Sarcastic Shropshire accent that Fox from Farthing Wood has.

Are you a Forgiving Person?

Yes, but sometimes I do get horrible thoughts in my head over hurting people I have originally forgiven thanks to my OCD. Due to my Autism, I used to not forgive people, like once there was this boy who told me to hurt someone hypothetically so I literally did it, then when I realized what I did, I wanted to teach the boy a lesson so I Hurt Him. Like Burnout said ''Forgiveness is for Losers'', well I don't believe in it, I always forgive people.

Any Talents?

Well I do do good Vocal Impressions and I am a decent writer, I also like writing ideas for video games, Like recently I wrote an Idea for Metal Gear Solid 6. And it would be awesome.

Anyways, that's it for now, Scarface Out.
OK, so today, two famous people have died, Colin Dann's biggest rival, Richard Adams, and Princess Leia from Star Wars, Carrie Fisher after she suffered complications from a heart attack.  Anyways, first I want to talk about Richard Adams, Richard Adams was Colin Dann's biggest rival, Watership Down and Farthing Wood was a massive, as TV Tropes called it, Fandom Rivalry. I must admit, Watership Down was much more brutal than Farthing Wood, especially the film, with Woundwort, who is seen in this lovely picture after a bloody battle…

Anyways, Farthing Wood was relatively tame compared to Watership Down, which was a much more brutal affair, even if Farthing Wood had Brutal moments. As for Colin Dann, I don't even know if he's still alive as I haven't heard much from him. But I Know that Richard Adams books were set in Newbury.

As for Carrie Fisher, I don't know what to say, how are they going to make Episode 8 and Episode 9 without her? My dad said it was a bit obvious she was going to die. But still, how will they make the sequels? I reckon Rogue One is going to get extra box office because of it though. As a tribute.
OK, So I haven't done a Looking Back At in ages, I've decided to make a retrospective on a game I just got again this Christmas and have just started playing again. Ridge Racer Type 4. 

Right, so first of all, the reason why this game is different from other Ridge Racer's is that first of all, all locations are real world, second, there are four teams and a story mode to play. The Four Teams are.

Racing Team Solvalou: The Ferrari and Gryffindor of the Ridge Racer Type 4 teams, they boast a competitive spirit and only the best drivers race for them, the Team Principal Enki Gilbert has a troubled past involving his son Giuliano who died in an accident involving Shinji Yazaki.

Pac Racing Club: The Newcomer Team, headed by Shinji Yazaki, who has regrets over the Giuliano Gilbert incident. He and Enki have a fearsome rivalry thanks to this.

Dig Racing Team: The Long Suffering Hufflepuff of the Real Racing Roots teams, They never won a race for years, and were called the ''Dig Your Own Grave'' team. Their cars are mainly just there to round up the rest of the cars. But you can race for them.

MMM Racing: The easiest team on the list, headed by Sophie Chevalier, who is in an Arranged Marriage and wants to get out of it. The Team's current Principal is Ill.

And there are over 300 Cars to get as you do Combinations with the different teams, manufacturers and race results.

The Music is awesome as well, with classics like Pearl Blue Soul, Naked Glow, Movin in Circles and Urban Fragments.


The gameplay is awesome as well, with the normal drifting that you'd expect from Ridge Racer but refined using the Rage Racer engine. 

The combination of Storyline, Gameplay and Secrets means that this game has a lot of replay value.

That's it for now, Scarface Out.
So I was watching Extra Credits and Playing Metal Gear Solid, and learning about Video Games, and that Extra Credits say that too many games have too much Exposition in them, and I've just realised something, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare does not rely on Exposition, and I've realised this is what made the campaign slightly not as good as the other games, because the Settlement Defense Front are not exposited as much as say The Patriots from MGS or even General Shepherd and Makarov. Which is why it's so confusing and difficult to know the true motives of the SDF, with Exposition, you have origin stories, explanations for why almost everything came to be, and why you are doing this and the true motives of the villain.

In Call of Duty, I think Infinity Ward realized that Exposition was a really bad idea so they just made it so, ''Good Guys vs Bad Guys, no one knows why the Bad Guys do this, as they do not have a motive unlike Menendez or Shepherd, and no one knows the backstory of the SDF or the UNSA''. See, it should be more like ''The SDF are fighting because the UNSA killed Salen Kotch's parents and the SDF was established because the UNSA raided an illegal settlement'', the difference here is that one is a very basic storyline, and the other is very exposited. If Call of Duty had more Exposition than Metal Gear Solid and Mass Effect, then it may make the games very good, explain why everything is happening and why these things happen. Real Life relys on a lot of Exposition, and Metal Gear is easily explained through Exposition, granting Encyclopedic Knowledge of the game that built an entire Wiki on it. If everything was explained in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through Exposition rather than ''This is This and That is That'' than I'm pretty sure it would be a better game than it is.

Some games don't need Exposition though, look at Geometry Wars, it's a successful game and you can guess the plot of it, but these are usually casual games that don't really have a plot. I'll have to research more about Exposition and how it makes Characters not Cardboard Cutouts. And I'll have to replay the Infinite Warfare Campaign again, I am considering playing it Online next month so that I encounter Lewis Hamilton online, he said he would be.

Like I said, I have mixed opinions on Exposition but I believe it gives more depth to Characters and Storylines.

Anyways, that's it for now, Scarface Out.