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OK, so this is an Idea for a modern Metamor Keep, it's set in a town inside a fort where walking and running and monorail are the normal transport and there are very rarely any cars. And basically the town would be a town completely full of Anthropomorphic Animals, like Metamor Keep but not really that transformed. The Town's Population would be 26,000 and Metamor Keep classic characters will appear. It would be a crossover as well, between Metamor Keep, Pingu, Farthing Wood(Anthropomorphic Farthing Wood Characters will appear), Redwall and Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb. And Basically, it will be about the events and going on's in the town, mainly happy events like Concerts, Drinking in the 14 Taverns of the Town, Sports Events and Picnics as well. Yeah, it's inside a fort to keep with the original ''MK'' feel.

So anyways, what I want is to create original characters, like Jack, Scarface II, Punka the Penguin, and Plucky VII.

I think the first story should involve around a Funfair going on in Metamor Town, and during the Funfair a Concert which Jack plays will happen. And all of the town watch the concert. It would be quite awesome, but I need maybe a day to process it and all that. You know what Autism's like after all, but it will be good, I promise.

Guru Bob, Out.
OK, so I was just watching the news today. And I'm a bit upset. In Manchester Yesterday Night, during an Ariana Grande Concert. A Suicide Bomber, it's not known yet whether he was ISIS but he probably was. Detonated a vest and killed at least 22 people, including children. And injured 59, there are still a lot of children missing and I'm worried for what's happening to them. 

Anyways, I've been reading a lot of tweets, one from former Prime Minister David Cameron saying he was horrified by the attack, one from my favourite mayor of London Sadiq Khan on his opinion on it, and that he stands with Manchester. And finally Frank Turner who simply said, ''Manchester, Oh Fuck'', meaning that he stands with Manchester and that he really wished that they didn't strike Manchester.

The thing is, was I was at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday, and I was enjoying my time with Iron Maiden. When I was exiting, nothing happened. But to these unfortunate souls, it did.

Now, this is just an opinion of mine, and I'm only saying it once, but Foreign Intervention mostly causes Terrorism, I've realized that because they attacked Paris in 2015 because they wanted France to stop bombing Syria. And there are countless children and families dying in Syria, on Friday, after a discussion of Politics, the only thing in my head was ''Stop the War, Stop the War'' and I wanted to protest.

But I just wanted to say that after the atrocities in London in March, that I don't get why we are a Target.

Just remember these Hashtags.

#LoveAlwaysWins #LoveWins #StoptheWar #Prayformanchester

Remember that we live under the same sun and that we're Blood Brothers.

Guru Bob, Signing Out.
So anyways, as I begin this, my condolences go out to the National Fox Welfare Society in Rushden, who had to put down Betty the Fox, which I am really sad about as the day before she was quite a healthy young fox and the children were helping her, but then the next day she had seizures and the best course of action was to put her down. Which is unfortunate, as I'm getting a bit upset over Theresa May wanting Fox Hunting Back.

Anyways, I went to Liverpool yesterday to see Iron Maiden, it was pretty awesome, I was closer to the stage than ever before. And I saw Bruce Dickinson up close, and laughted to the point I nearly got sick when he was pretending to be a Monkey wearing a Monkey Mask. Brucie is awesome, anyways, I got really sad when I heard the song Blood Brothers because Bruce Dickinson says he hates bickering politicians, I think Frank Turner does as well. And that Iron Maiden are an inclusive band. Fans from all over the world. I even saw a man who was once in the Virtual XI Tour, hopefully in 2022 I'll get a special golden record like my dad did when he did 25 years of the Stranglers, and 10 years of Iron Maiden Fan.

Also, I went to Five Guys yesterday, and it was pretty awesome, I'd like to work there. And I don't know what I want for Christmas, Either a Road Bike, Airsoft Gun or a Nintendo Switch. Because I'm seriously considering dieting, I've been having Lucozade recently as well.

At College, me and Jess are doing fine, we were talking about Anime and all that. I tell you what, I've got something to tell you, if my dad was an Anime Character, he'd be Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, because sometimes he wears a Trenchcoat and Glasses and looks like him. And if Jess was an Anime Character, she'd be Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders 2.

Anyways, Final comment on stuff, there's this youtuber who is a sort of Furry-In-Denial called The Dishonoured Wolf, it's not a bad thing. But he did this weird video on how the Second Gaming Crash was coming and that Call of Duty Sucks because of the Microtransactions and DLC, but I don't believe it as COD had that even in MW2.

Here's the video.…

Brand Recognition drives video games allegedly, he says, well I'm not sure if that's true, sure Ubisoft have problems, but many of there games are Decent.

Anyways, I just wanted to say, this is Guru Bob, discussing Liverpool, signing out.
OK, so I just heard in the news today, that Nicky Hayden, the MotoGP Racer, is very ill in hospital after having a bicycle accident, he's got brain damage and I'm not sure if he will make it. Remember Jules Bianchi? That was very sad, and it was also a case of Brain Damage, what happened was Jules was in the 2014 Japanese GP and his car slid, crashed into a recovery truck, giving him brain damage, a few months later, he died. And Schumacher isn't looking too good either, I actually met Michael Schumacher back in 2010, I really hope that these two get well, though I do worry about Nicky Hayden.

Anyways. I've been talking to my friend Jess about anime, and she says that her brother likes this anime that I really like called Sword Art Online, she says she's not too keen on Attack on Titan and SAO because of their genre and pacing. So she has nothing against Bryce Papenbrook who portrays the main characters in both of them, Eren and Kirito. I've been thinking that Farthing Wood should be converted into an Anime with famous Anime actors by Studio Bones the makers of Wolf's Rain or the makers of Ginga Densetsu Weed.

Anyways, Tomorrow I'm going to see Iron Maiden. And it will be awesome, it will be a 3 hour trip to Liverpool, and I will be sleeping in the car and going to a service station in Stafford. It will be awesome and Iron Maiden are an awesome band in general.

At College this week, I've been struggling with my BKSB skills. It's really hard, especially maths and english, if I was the late Shakuntala Devi, I probably wouldn't have to worry about it, but I'm not Shakuntala Devi. Unfortunately, I can do Calendrical Calculations though, like the 23rd of July 1995 was a Sunday. See?

but anyways, I'll write some more later.

RE: RIP Nicky Hayden, he died today at 35 years old. Is it now the time to Euthanize Schumacher? I'm not sure as I did meet him. But I think the family would have to think.

Mars Aeternum, Guru Bob.
I've decided, that I would start a new life, filled with Nostalgia, but forgetting about really haunting thoughts of the past. Like the Woman Carina is based on. I've realized that there is someone more important in my life, someone who I don't really know well yet nor do I know how she loves, but this is the reason why I've decided to just remember the good times I've had with people without getting upset about it, knowing that there are going to be more important people in my life. The world goes round, and as it goes round more important people come into your life and technology evolves, I've decided that it's OK to be a little wistful, but if it goes out of hand you can always hope for Heaven when you're 84.

I'm going to embrace this ''New Life'' which isn't really a New Life because I haven't moved house or anything, I'm not leaving this site either, as I really like the guys who help me out including :iconcalistamonkey: and :icondiggerpencil: because they have given me spiritual epiphanies. That perhaps new stuff is the way forward while old stuff can still be there. I'm going to talk to the Girl who I'm in a Working Relationship with at Northampton College. And perhaps learn a few new things along the way, as TBH, there are some things that happened to me in the past that give me bad memories, but I still have a supportive family who love me and care for me. And I'm never alone, I've got friends to help me and my Mother says she will always watch over me.

So I think, that thanks to a lot of people, I've had an Epiphany. One that Rafiki always said, ''Forget about it, it's in the past!''.

Thanks guys.
So I was thinking about a concept that could help Call of Duty, and I was thinking, Licensed Call of Duty games, because what I really want is Call of Duty: The Walking Dead, it would be so awesome, and basically, Here we go.

Activision as a whole, with their Call of Duty Division, Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, absolutely love TV Boxsets. In Infinite Warfare, David Harewood and Kit Harington from Homeland and Game of Thrones respectively are in it. And Christopher Meloni from Law and Order:SVU was in Black Ops III, Kevin Spacey from House of Cards was in Advanced Warfare. So what I was thinking was Licensed COD Games. First of all, Call of Duty: The Walking Dead, basically, it would be a Call of Duty game with a mainstream Campaign that has both Zombies and Soldiers, as you fight against Negan's Saviours, but it would also be a Co-Op Campaign where you create your own Character and side with the famous Walking Dead Characters, you could also play it Single-Player, and as you go on, Characters will pointlessly die like in Infinite Warfare.

Basically, it would be released in 2021, and it would be Norman Reedus's second video game since Death Stranding, which I really can't wait for. And the Headquarters function would really work well in Call of Duty: The Walking Dead, you can get Hundreds of new weapons, procedurally generated quests and hundreds of challenges. And it would be like Destiny's Tower as well, so it would also have some functions with Destiny. And it would be the first principally PVE Call of Duty. Then I want Call of Duty: Army Men, where R Lee Ermey will reprise his role as Sarge, and it would feature Full Metal Jacket References including a Character acted by Vincent D Onofrio simply known as Fatbody who loves Jelly Doughnuts. However, problem is with COD Army Men is how Rudimentary the Multiplayer would be, you wouldn't be able to get Varied Camos, Then I Want Call of Duty: The Terminator, which would be a game where it would be Man vs Robots like in Black Ops III, but Boots on the Ground.

Yeah, It could work. it could certainly work better than certain Call of Duty's. And I think a lot of people would want a Call of Duty The Walking Dead.

What do you think?
Hello everyone, I've just realized something recently that has been addressed in a Youtube Video I will upload later. I am extremely Wistful. And I've just realized that although this Farthing Wood Project could work, a lot of people have forgotten all about these shows. I have a friend, the one who Carina in my Metamor Keep stories is based on. And she says that she forgot about Farthing Wood. Heck, even I almost forgot Farthing Wood.

This is the problem with games like Sega Rally, Ridge Racer and Daytona USA. They get Forgotten, and then these companies desperately try to revive them but problems with the company means to no avail. Then there are one-timers and all that, the problem is with the Human Race is that it's normal to want new stuff of the old, and then people say ''Out with the Old, In with the new'', which in this song from Black Planet, which was in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, just says that it's either a good thing or a bad thing.…

Yeah, and the problem is, aging, Actors are getting old and dying, look at Ron Moody, Ken Barrie, Roy Skelton and Susan Sheridan. They all died. And this will inevitably happen to Rupert Farley, Jon Glover and Sally Grace, who people thought was dead but wasn't because it was another Sally Grace. Rupert Farley was born in 1956, I know because I saw his Geneaology tree, Jon Glover 1952, according to Wikipedia, Sally Grace 1951. It just comes to show that these actors are still in their prime but old, they still do Voice Work.

I've spoken to many of them, but sometimes even speaking doesn't satisfy me. I miss the past, a lot, it brings tears to my eyes, and I just want to go back, but as the Stranglers song says, ''Never to Look Back''. I just wish that these old things had new material. If I had $10 Billion, I'd pay $1 Billion of that to BBC just so they can make a Farthing Wood Reboot. There is some luck though, voices are very distinctive, Tim Whitnall and Rupert Farley share a voice, but there's a third person who shares the voice type, Rupert Farley. And I had a friend called Paul who had Prince William's voice type. And my Paternal Grandmother shares a voice with Julia Child. So all we need to do, is figure out these Voice Types and maybe assemble them into new types.

Rupert Farley Voice Type: Rupert Farley, Oliver Dimsdale, Tim Whitnall.
Ron Moody voice type: Ron Moody, Ifan Huw Dafydd.
Sally Grace Voice Type: Sally Grace, Cara Theobold.

Lots of them, but it's really difficult to understand accents. Prince William has this distinctive deep accent that is shared with some people. Rupert Farley and Oliver Dimsdale share an accent that seems very reassuring but also sarcastic. Sally Grace has this accent that sounds like she's a teenage Londoner or a very wise woman. Ron Moody has a very awesome accent that sounds like an old man who really loves his kids but gets confused.

I don't know what to say, I mean Nostalgia is a very hurtful thing, but new material can probably help, when we die, we go to Heaven, and I'm pretty sure there will be an Infinite amount of new Farthing Wood episodes there, in Heaven no one dies, so they can record and do art for as long as they want to.

Ah well, I don't know.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.

Hello everyone, and here I am going to talk about Video Game Updates. Yes, one of the most horrible things in modern gaming, in order to play a game, sometimes you have to go through hours of updates. I remember that on the PS1, Ridge Racer and many games just booted from the disk, no Update required. And Arcade Games are the same, I want to play Call of Duty but it keeps updating, and I'm wondering if Video Games shouldn't have Updates. I mean, there is a reason behind them, glitches and OP Weapons and all that. But the truth is, the Updates are just so big. I think that what Video Games need is powerful console hard drives that can run extremely fast. Or else the Arcade should rule again, think about it, Daytona USA 3 is a perfect example of this, the game just boots up, people just put the coins in and away they go. The thing is, Content is making Video Games very heavy in download times. And People sometimes criticise Arcade Games for being too poor in content. Look at Sega Rally, only two cars and four tracks, you'd want more, I'd want more. But people had to wait Three years for the sequel to come. And it was very hard waiting, I'm waiting for COD:WWII right now.

Anyways, I remember that games like Doom, Descent and Tomb Raider, they were on just 2MB of Hard Drive, yes, that's 17 Levels for just 2MB, So if Video Games had a Simpler Art Style(I'm not saying all of them should, a lot of Video Games should be Photorealistic). You could probably add 170 levels for 20 MB. So here's an Idea, a Simple First Person Shooter with Tomb Raider like Graphics. The most MB used is the UI. And maps would be Handcrafted, come in packs of 5, and they'd only be 500kb or something. And then you could have hand-picked, not hand-crafted weapons, selected from a procedural generation of Thousands like Borderlands, and then 10 or 20 would be Picked Out. Procedurally Generated Uniforms would be a must as well. Also Hand-Picked in 20. And it'd only take a Month or less to make the DLC. The problem is, is with the pursuit for Graphics. More games are getting really long updates, and too big DLC. I think that Video Games should go for a simple art style, but it's very Niche, like no one will play these games because the Graphics are simple.

So I'm going to post another Journal, about a Video Game with minimalist Graphics that is almost perfect that a lot of people would buy it.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
Hello everyone and May the 4th be with you, today is Star Wars day, and today I'm going to be talking about Star Wars actors I have met and spoken to.

So first of all if Hugh Spight: He accidentally had his name mispelled as Hugh Spirit, and he was the puppeteer for one of the Gamoran Guards, he sometimes comes to my town as well.

Second is Femi Taylor: Who acts one of Jabba the Hutt's dancers, I, along with Hugh Spight met her at the Banbury Comic Con.

Third is David Hayter: Now I didn't usually like David Hayter for his role in Star Wars: The Old Republic, I Usually like him because he's Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, but I recently asked him on Twitter where he is in X-Men, which he also wrote the script to. And he met Hugh Jackman, but he was in The Old Republic as the male character.

May the Fourth be Steven Blum: He has a lot of roles in Star Wars, and I spoke to him recently about him being in Wolf's Rain on twitter, of which he liked. I remember him as Captain Bartlett from Ace Combat and Yamaki from Digimon Tamers, he's also Tank Dempsey in Call of Duty: Zombies. But he's mainly known in Star Wars Rebels as Garazeb Orrelios.

Fifth is Yuri Lowenthal: Who Provided additional voices in The Old Republic alongside David Hayter, and was the Gold Leader Jon Vander in the Star Wars Rebels episode ''Secret Cargo''. I mainly like him because he was in Ace Combat and said ''Yo Buddy, Still Alive?'' as Pixie in Ace Combat: Zero.

I'm also going to Collectormania this year, and that I will meet David Prowse, actor of Darth Vader's costume. And also, there are a lot of other Star Wars actors who I'm eventually going to meet or bump into. You never know really.

May the Fourth be with you, Scarface One.
OK Everyone, so this is my Idea if Infinity Ward want to make Infinite Warfare 2 in 2019, now, I like this year's game for not having jetpacks and being easier to play because it's Boots on the Ground, but I was thinking about combining the features of WWII to be in this one.

First of all, the Headquarters feature from WWII, it could be implemented in Infinite Warfare 2 very well, and Jacob Minkoff and Taylor Kurosaki(Who I speak to on Twitter quite a lot) did want to make Infinite Warfare a sub-series. Hopefully, despite the disappointing sales the game had. I think that what it needs to be is like WWII, serious, and like no Dabbing and that sort of stuff. Basically, you choose a Mission Team, several of them from Infinite Warfare return, but you can choose any of them, no level required, now their leaders would be back, and basically each Mission Team has it's own ship, that serves as a Headquarters, and as well as the Quartermaster, someone similar to the Destiny Postmaster will be there as well, and that you can wonder about the Ship, and the main area will be the Hangar, where you can do the sort of stuff that you can do in WWII's headquarters, and you can customise your Character with hundreds of camos, all serious of course. As well as Gun Variants.

As for Single Player, I want it to be where you can play as either Salter or Brooks, after Nick Reyes death, and this time, there will be further battles against the SDF, like Halo, they have a council, and it's up to you to destroy this Council that is behind the scenes. I think, that also, it may not come out in 2019, I say, let 2019's game be a Raven Software game that is Boots on the Ground like WWII, and let 2020's be Infinite Warfare 2. Because I heard someone on the COD Wiki say that Raven Software should make their own game. I mean to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MW2, it could be MW2 Remastered, but constructed from the ground up with all new voice actors and characters, a re-telling of Modern Warfare 2. Otherwise I think it should be MW2 Remastered, because I want at least 3 Boots on the Ground games, I think that Infinite Warfare 2 will only come when people are bored of Boots on the Ground again, but they are always looking for ways to Innovate. Who knows, by 2020 Video Game Technology will be more advanced and Infinite Warfare 2 will be realistic.

Other Features that I want include the Jackal Mk II, a new version of the Jackal that is pilotable. And a cameo from Eddie Izzard or Nico Rosberg, as well as Liam Neeson appearing as a main cast member.

I've got other Ideas for Call of Duty games, but I think this should be the Idea for Infinite Warfare 2.

What do you think?

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK Everyone, so first of all, this Journal, if it had a Mature Content tag, would be marked by Mature, so read at your own risk.

I just wanted to write this Journal because I had this Bizarre Lion King/Jungle Book dream that seemed straight out of a Creepypasta. First of all, for some bizarre reason, Mowgli from the Jungle Book was in it, now anyways, here's how the Dream goes.

After a VHS advert for the Lion King, which featured almost all the songs from the Movie, it panned to Mowgli, sitting in Trees, with a Monkey who looks like the Coco Pops Monkey or Coconuts from Sonic telling him to ''Rise and Shine'', then he falls into a boat with several other people, and this is where it starts getting really horrible, there is a man who starts asking Mowgli where he's been, and he says in the trees, then he starts threatening him with a Knife, asking him where he really has been, and Mowgli keeps saying in the trees.

Eventually this goes really horrible, Mowgli climbs on top of the boat, the man keeps threatening to stab him, and eventually the boat overturns, and, oh god....

The man accidentally stabs himself in the Throat, falls into the water, starts vomiting blood in the water, then attracts an attention of a Shark that rips him into bloody shreds, it was horrible.

Then Mowgli or Simba start swimming from the water, and for some reason 9/11 is shown, this may have stemmed from the fact that yesterday I was talking about a building that looked very similar to the World Trade Centre on the Pawpets Show.

Then I have a false awakening in my old school bedroom, there is a Lion King 2 Video and it says that Tony Blair was in it when clearly he's not, then someone wouldn't stop playing Teletubbies music, so I just woke up.

It was a very weird dream, and I don't know why I had it apart from that Pawpets Stem. And it was very weird and would have made a great idea for a Creepypasta. There's actually a Lion King Mega Drive game Creepypasta as well, alright that's it now.…

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so today I watched, after much anticipation, the reveal of WWII, I'm not sure if it has planes in it yet. But it's pretty awesome, it will feature this awesome new feature called the Headquarters, which is similar to Destiny's tower, and basically it's a large hub world in Multiplayer where you can show off and all that. And it's going to be awesome, I hope that Cosgrave returns as the Supply Drop manager, acted by Liam Neeson instead of Timothy Murphy.

Anyways, I tried asking them about WWII Planes, and if they will be in the Campaign, I'm hoping yes because they haven't replied to me yet. They said that it would be awesome though, and I've seen the Trailer, which looks like Band of Brothers or Private Ryan, now the game features two commanders, one who puts Man before the Mission, and one who puts Mission before the Man, so basically, it's what happens when Nick Reyes and Salen Kotch team up together and argue with each other. Josh Duhamel from Transformers is in it. And I think Russell Richardson returns as Cormack, suggesting that this game is set in the Advanced Warfare universe. I reckon that Kobe Bryant or Stephen Curry may appear during Cormack's segment, and if not then if they can't get anyone else they'll get Lewis Hamilton to do it again.

However, there will be awesome moments, and I hope that the Campaign will be awesome, the London Blitz won't be in it because it's 1944 to 1945, but hopefully there will be a Plane Segment inspired by ''Throttle''.  

The other thing is that I heard there is no auto-heal like in normal Call of Duty games and that you will have to get Medipacks and Medics to regain health in the Campaign. It will be awesome, but even if I have to see more, I'm still pre-ordering it.

I hope that this game will be the best COD Ever.…

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so this post is about me possibly visiting a TV and Film convention called Collectormania 24, which has also got some sports stars in it, Bizarrely enough, if you are willing to cough up £400 for a Diamond Standards Package, Pele will be there. But I got my autograph with Lewis Hamilton for Free. And I thought his Health weren't doing well. I had a dream that he would be guarded by high security, of course he would be he's Pele!

Anyways, it's time to think about which guests I'll be getting autographs with, so, of course this is based on Guests contractual obligations and if they will be able to attend or not. But Sylvester McCoy the 7th Doctor will be there, with a Tardis and everything, and for £30 you could get a photo of you and the Tardis with him. I might tell him about how the recent Doctor Who episode I watched about a space Colony with Robots called the Vardi, who are very similar to the Caretaker robots from Paradise Towers.

And then here comes the most awesome part, I'll be able to meet the costumed actor of Darth Vader himself, as well as the Green Cross Code Man, David Prowse. Which will be awesome, he's quite old, 10 years younger than Ron Moody. But I will still meet him and see him and tell him how awesome he is.

Then I think other guests include John Barrowman, Jack Harkness from Doctor Who, Harry Melling, Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter,  and, wow, the T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick. ''Have you seen this boy?''. I'll have to choose the three I want my autographs with, and I'll have to convince my mother if I can have £150. Because I think it's cash only.

But still, it will be a good convention for me to go to, and it will be awesome meeting these people. Currently I've met Martin Ballantyne and Femi Taylor at the Banbury Comic Convention. But Collectormania, it will be just awesome.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so I've decided to release three prototype videos of Bob Salutes, which will be my awesome Guru Larry and :iconben-the-looney: inspired series where I salute famous video games and TV Shows along with many other things, I will also possibly make Rants videos, but I will never rant about Politics, as it's not too good a thing to do. I will rant about Battlefield fans and many other things, but to be honest, it's not good to Rant so I may as well just do Topical Discussions instead about Fandom.

Here are the first three videos.………

My sister's just been interested and I may as well make more, but only with professional editing skills and my Camera, I may as well buy a Camcorder as well. And make these awesome Vlogs.

We will see, but as you can see, I do genuinely love these things, even though my Tourettes and Autism give me speaking difficulties at times.

Here's the plan of some potential Bob Salutes videos.

Bob Salutes: Sega Rally
Bob Salutes: Call of Duty
Bob Salutes: Gundam
Bob Salutes: Redwall

and perhaps instead of rants, Discussions

Bob Discusses: Battlefield Fans
Bob Discusses: Being an ex-brony
Bob Discusses: Being a Furry
Bob Discusses: Kickstarter

Yeah, so we'll see.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK everyone, this is a very special thread, because Activision have just officially confirmed Call of Duty: WWII. And I can't wait for it to happen, I'm not sure who is in the game, but they are releasing a special reveal trailer next week on Wednesday. It's going to be awesome, very awesome and hopefully it will have a London Evacuation or Flight mission.

I Just hope that it will be even better than Infinite Warfare, and that Lewis Hamilton will like it. I've already tweeted Taylor Kurosaki, and this game is going to be awesome, the game that Call of Duty needs. Cinematic quality WWII scenes and everything.

I hope that my wishes for this game come true, and that Sledgehammer do a good job of making this WWII game awesome. The leaks were correct, and Stronghold was definitely the codename for this game. I think Lethal Combat might be the mobile Call of Duty game by King. Which I'm not sure if it will be good or even better than COD:Heroes, we'll see more on Wednesday.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so instead of making Looking Back At posts, my Retrospectives and Rants journals will be inspired by :iconben-the-looney:, and I will salute TV Shows, Video Games, Music and I will Rant about several stuff as well, except Politics, as even though I ranted about Politics yesterday, it's not really a good thing to rant about.

Anyways, I might make a Youtube Podcast series based on Bob Salutes and Bob Rants, however, my name is not Bob the Looney, because that is just blatantly unoriginal and it would also be copying Ben, so no, I might try a different Bob name. Bob the Reviewer maybe. I think a lot of people know my name is Robert, even those at that horrible forum(you know the one I mean) do. And TBH my First name isn't really that bad, it's just that last name which I never ever tell anyone as it's quite a rare surname.

Guru Bob sounds like a good name as well, as I've spoken to Guru Larry before as well.

So I may do an audio thing on me Saluting Farthing Wood, and then ranting about people, video games, TV Shows and how the world works, except Politics of course. And who knows, I may become the next Benthelooney or even 2 The Ranting Gryphon.

We'll see.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so I've decided to make a very important Journal entry, about this year's General Election. June 8th. Sorry for talking about this, but it's quite important to me, and I may post a related thread on the Politics Forum. Keep in mind, that this is just my Opinion, and are not definitive truths of the parties.

Right, so as you know, Theresa May has announced a General Election for June 8th, and I've been thinking, I want the SNP, Green Party, Lib Dems and Labour to kick out almost all of the Conservatives, so that we don't have a Hard Brexit. I believe that what's wrong with my nation is that the Conservatives, will want to ensure that more environment gets destroyed, and not just that, but the Conservatives only care about money, they don't care about the disabled or the elderly, they just want to exploit them for money, look, the best bit of my government is the DLA System, but that may be cut if the conservatives are still in power.

Not just that, but, IMO, this country just wasn't designed for right-wing politics. Winston Churchill, used to actually be a Lib Dem, and I remember how successful this country was under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, they were both Labour party leaders, then in 2010, 2 years after the financial crisis, Cameron came into power, and unfortunately turned the Government into a Tory Right-Wing mess. Including cuts to the NHS and cuts to the DCMS and Arts Council, Culture is a very important part of Britain, do you know how much the DCMS has in it's yearly budget? £1.5 Billion, which I think needs to be increased to £7 Billion or more. The cost of the Olympic Stadium in 2012 was almost £500 Million, that's at least a third of the DCMS's budget, and then they promised Superfast Broadband, to install infrastructure all over the country, the DCMS don't have enough budget to do it by themselves, so I think they promised it too much, instead they probably have to bail out on the Communications department and BT, which means even more private companies getting more money.

Look, I don't mind Capitalism, if I was Prime Minister my policies would be extremely Centrist, and of course, David Cameron actually has a better sense of culture than Theresa May, he likes The Jam. And more evidence that this Country is designed for Centre-Left politics comes from the fact Prince William admired Mandela, who was a Left wing Radical who changed a country for Equality, David Cameron henceforth, seems to have a bizarre position on the Left Wing, he was apparently involved in ''Hang Nelson Mandela'' posters. So he basically clashes his views together, and Paul Weller of The Jam hates him for it. So does Frank Turner.

Just remember that IMO, it's not the 65+ World, it's the 18-24's World, they are the most important voters, and considering the Local Elections last year were won by the Labour party, I'm pretty sure that they have a good chance of winning the votes in this country.

Brexit just shows that the Conservatives single-handedly, IMO, destroyed the nation. I love Sadiq, and I love the Labour Party, but if there were just a bit of Reforms than this whole thing can just blow over. If you ask me, I actually hate Politics because it confuses the mind.

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so before I start, I've just heard some news that :iconeric4372: aka PhantomFullForce or Phantom, is leaving the Furry Fandom. And I just wanted to say some stuff and all that.

Phantom, has his moments, but at least he was still a fan of the original Sega games that I know and love like Daytona USA, Sega Rally and Outrun. He was like one of the only people I agreed with when it came to Video Games, that Sega made driving games like no other. I remember reading in 1000 games to play before you die that Daytona USA feels so fluid that no other racing game can feel as fluid as it. I remember it's big rival Ridge Racer, which I loved equally. He was, apart from me, the only real furry I know that loved Sega Arcade Games as much as I do.

Now, the reason why he's leaving the Fandom is because he wants to be a Car Guy, and go on to have a successful career as a Mechanic,  which I think good on him, near me are a lot of MOT Garages and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love car mechanics, I always wanted to be a Mechanic, however, I'd probably stay in the fandom and gaming side though. But I respect his decision 100%, I remember when he first spoke to me back in 2006. And he made this blog called ''Musings of a Sega Racing Fan'' which has been inactive for a while now.

I Remember when he said that being a Furry wasn't his thing, and that he did it anyway because he loved Cartoon Animals and all that. He really was a good example of a Furry, buying thousands of commissions and requests from over 100 artists. Which is awesome, I wish I could buy thousands of commissions as well.

Yeah, he's attended 6 conventions as well, Phantom is an awesome furry, but I agree with him that I think he needs a break to concentrate on being a successful Mechanic. My dad once worked as a Mechanic as well.

Here's the letter in full,…

Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.
OK, so this is a 20 Questions post, asked by :icondiggerpencil:, a good friend of mine. Anyways, here we go

1.What is your favorite book: In all honesty, the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis and Brian Jacques REdwall.
2. your favorite vehicle: Well that's hard to decide, I like a lot of Gundam, but it has to be the Lancia Stratos.
3. your favorite food: Kebab, Burgers and Spaghetti.
4. your favorite place to go: Camden in London, it's culturally rich and the culture there is just amazing.
5. do you like fishing: Well if it's Sega Bass Fishing or Pingu doing it, then probably yes.
6. your favorite movie: Too many to count.
7. your favorite park: A fictional one, White Deer Park from Farthing Wood.
8. your favorite radio station: Easy, Planet Rock, which really needs a station in Northampton.
9. your favorite hobby: Playing Video Games and talking to my friends about Anime and Farthing Wood and Wildlife.
10. your favorite pop: Coca-Cola drinks wise, music wise probably not a pop artist as I hate a fraction of Modern Pop, however, there are some good Pop artists out there like Ed Sheeran.
11. Where do you work: Nowhere at the moment, but I do go to a College near me. And talk to my friends there.
12. Who's your favourite actor?: Too many to count.
13. Favourite online site?: Deviantart of course, and I do like Encyclopedia Dramatica, but only if it's not taken seriously, I do find some of the stuff there Offensive and Unflattering, especially about the Furries.
14. Favourite TV Show?: The Animals of Farthing Wood probably.

more to come.
OK, so I know that first of all, Fable is currently a free IP, or Microsoft own it, and Lionhead closed down, Peter Molyneux no longer works on the game anymore. But this is an Idea that could possibly work and bring the Fable Series back.

OK, so first of all, I think that Oliver Dimsdale, his Vocal Doppelganger Rupert Farley, and Jon Glover should be involved in this game. And that unlike the previous Fables, it will be set in the far future in a futuristic world, Bowerstone is a Skyscraper City, and many futuristic Technologies are invented. I think that Stephen Fry, John Cleese and that should return, but descendants of their original characters. And also, I think that Isaac Hempstead Wright and Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones should make appearances in it as well, it would be Kit Harrington's second video game appearance, the first being Infinite Warfare. And it would be about a battle for Albion, but futuristic. Yeah, and it would be like Infinite Warfare but Fable style. And it would be about a battle for the Solar System, with Bowerstone being the capital of a Federation, and something similar to the Settlement Defense Front from Infinite Warfare or the Principality of Zeon from Gundam. So it would be realistic, like Infinite Warfare, a human only war across the Solar System, but with more Space Colonies and Cities. It would be the first Fable game to feature vehicles, but the Combat System will be the simple combat system of Fable III. I think that to go with the futuristic theme, the number should not be a Roman Numeral and should be the number 4. And it would feature space combat as well like Infinite Warfare. But it wouldn't be first person view.

Anyways, I think that another company should work on Fable 4, and make it an epic Space Opera. Like Star Wars but Human only. What I want is it to be is the best Fable game ever. But I'm not sure who should work on it now that Lionhead is gone. But it would have nods and references to the past Fable, in fact, I think that the Demon Doors were acted by Rupert Farley, so if they make a return that would be awesome.

Anyways, I'll talk about this more later, Mars Aeternum, Scarface One.