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‘’Alright Scarface One, we have had reports of theft of a car, one fox and an elephant have stolen two cars, and an explosion has been reported on the Highway’’ said Chief Bogo, the head of the ZPD. Scarface’s best friend, Revolver Ocelot was on Radio to assist him. Scarface was a Red and White wolf who is a rookie member of the ZPD, he was assigned officer Judy Hopps for this case.

‘’Now this poor man’s name is Nick Wilde, in his childhood, he lived in a shared household, 10 miles isolated from Bunnyburrow with Prey, however, the Prey were richer than his family, and combined with the prejudice he had for being a Predator, they also despised him for being poor, and eventually, this started with several Pranks, such as disguising themselves as cats who had luxuries, but Nick’s mother knew what was going on, the worst of the abuse came when he went to get some cereal and he was brutally beaten by the Prey, Nick then ran off from his parents and these people and moved to Zootopia, second hand predators for second hand prey, I Say. He then moved to an Orphanage and got the best treatment he could get there, however, even though his best friend is an Elephant called Jerry Jumbeaux with a Child, he is still wary of Prey’’.

Scarface rushed to the scene on the Highway, using his water spray gadget, he managed to put out the fire of the wreckage, then he managed to see Jerry Jumbeaux’s Child, who was injured by the legs, and managed to bandage the legs up, Judy was there to comfort the child. Then they went to the hospital. Finnick was there, disguised as an Elephant Child just to amuse Jerry Jumbeaux’s Child.

On the way back, Scarface tuned the dials on the Radio, first he started to listen to Gazelle’s ‘’Try Everything’’, the entire song, which he loved, and then he listened to ‘’Amoeba’’ by The Adolescents, as he parked his car back in the ZPD Driveway. He went to Chief ‘’Truck’’ Bogo’s office to talk to him, ‘’You need more training kid, out there, is a special training area called The Pit, I’ll be watching you and giving you your every instruction’’.

After about 5 failed turns in The Pit, he did another 5 which got better until he finally completed the Pit in the best time. The Pit involved several biomes, including Tundra for Tundratown, Desert for Sahara Square, and many other district Biomes, Scarface was armed with a Tranquilizer and Bogo was screaming at him in an american accent, different from his usual British Accent. The final test involved a Train that had a bomb armed on it, Nick had to get to the area to defuse the bomb in the quickest time possible, or otherwise ‘’Outcome, Train Go Boom’’, Scarface, managed to defuse the bomb. Nick was also watching from the viewing area, and was amazed.

Scarface’s status was upgraded from Rookie to Amateur. And Nick decided to Join the ZPD. Ready for the Trio that would be Rage(Scarface), Smarty(Wilde) and Hopps.
OK, so I Wrote this as a cross between Zootopia, Virtua Cop and Call of Duty. I had a dream today that involved an Alternate Nick's Childhood which I managed to implement, Jerry Jumbeaux being friends with Nick rather than enemies in the original film, and references to Truck from Call of Duty, also voiced by Idris Elba, and Virtua Cop, with Rage, and Smarty being Scarface's and Nick's Nicknames. It's got some flaws in the writing, which I personally acknowledge, but I will write more of this type of fiction, at the moment, I'm busy at work considering Ideas for the next Farthinghurst fic. Which has been greatly appreciated by my acquaintance :iconcalistamonkey:. And this is also a self insert-fic, which I know are frowned upon but I managed to put some tiny little flaws in that character of mine, such as the fact he couldn't complete the Pit in 5 turns.

I also added Revolver Ocelot in there and the Radio dial from GTA V just because I love Metal Gear Solid V and GTA V. With Backstories to the Characters.
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Submitted on
August 29, 2016