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‘’It’s Here, It’s Here, It’s Here!’’ said Bold as the post arrived, ‘’I Have just got a piece of mail saying ‘’Invitatory Wildcard for World Stock Car Series Dinosaur Canyon and the Joypolis 2020’’. Bold was so excited, he was allowed to race his replica #19 Hornet at 2 circuits that he loves. ‘’But who should be my Crew Chief?’’ said Bold? I’ve got just a friend who could do it,

‘’HURKEL ARE YOU THERE?’’ shouted Bold at his Buddy Hurkel ‘’WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP!’’, Bold said, ‘’No No No, Shake N Bake?’’, Hurkel then realized what was going on. ‘’I would like you to be my Crew Chief for this year’s WSCS Dinosaur Canyon 80 and the Joypolis 2020’’ ‘’Oh OK, that can be arranged pretty easily’’, and the deal was done.

At Dinosaur Canyon, a lot of people Bold knew was there, Fox, Vixen, Whisper, Weasel, Badger and Owl who were there to cheer him on. Scarface’s son Ranger also entered in the Scorpio Batteries car. Which was a race winner with 7 wins since last year’s Joypolis 2020. Bold’s pit crew consisted of some fox friends of his that were a known Pit Crew for last year’s Scorpio Batteries team, the old Hornet crew, comprised of gray foxes, joined Scorpio Batteries for they had a controversial bias towards Ranger. Other cars consisted of CarEx racing, Miss Tea tea and coffee, and SG8 Spark Plugs, along with Phantom Full Force, operated by none other than the purple fox himself, Phantom, which of course caused a lot of interest on the Grid.

‘’Alright, Shake N Bake’’ said Bold nervously as he joined the grid, with his Helmet and Overalls on. ‘’Yeah, so I want you to do as good as you can, your just a Wildcard remember? Just try and beat Ranger and Phantom, Whisper, I and your Mum and Dad will be watching you, along with Badger, Weasel and Owl, even Scarface likes you Bold, and I just got a message from Pingu saying he’s going to be watching the race on TV’’ said Hurkel on the Radio. David Leytze, a human announcer, went on the PA, ‘’Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!’’. ‘’Alright’’, said Bold nervously, starting his engine on the grid, ‘’3,’’ the announcer started counting down, ‘’2,’’ as Bold started breathing hardly, ‘’1,’’ Bold was ready to rev his engine, ‘’Go!’’. Bold Thundered down the Lane as Ranger started driving in front of him, Bold thought, ‘’Gotta get this bloke’’, and started smashing the gas pedal down as hard as he can’’ and revved in front of Ranger, which made Ranger very angry, 3 laps later, Bold attempted a daring move on Phantom, which Phantom managed to avoid for 1 lap, until Bold intimidated him so much that he couldn’t take it anymore and gave way, Bold was 8th Place, and stayed there for the next 6 laps. Then he wanted to pit, but then Hurkel said ‘’No we can’t pit because we are out to get Ice Cream, try the next 2 laps instead’’, but Bold instead decided to smash his way into the pits and rammed down the brakes, this meant that the pit crew had to stop their Ice Cream break so suddenly that they had to do the pits immediately, Bold reassured Hurkel ‘’Shake N Bake’’, and revved off immediately that for the next lap and revved into 5th, managing to lap Ranger in the progress and Ranger crashed the next lap, angry about Bold, he started muttering gibberish the same way Pingo did when Pingu tripped Pingo Cross Country Skiing doing his arms in the same motion.

By the last lap, Bold was 4th, and Phantom was 1st, but Bold managed to rev into 3rd in the Tunnel, so he was 3rd in the race, Phantom was 1st, 6 drivers out of 20 retired, including Ranger. But Scarface was happy to see Bold win, and Ranger forgave him. Bold’s family and his extended family then came to lift him in the air as he shook his fist valiantly shouting, ‘’SHAKE AND BAKE!!’’. Next stop, Joypolis 2020.
I wrote this as the sequel to Farthinghurst goes Camping, and I'm going to do it in Three races, Joypolis 2020 and Seaside Street Galaxy. It's also a parody of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which is where the entire Shake N Bake reference comes from. The Ice Cream Pit Crew is also a reference to Tom Cruise's Days of Thunder. Which was based on a real incident which involved Harry Hyde and Benny Parsons. It's mainly in reference to Daytona though, and I also dedicate this to another acquaintance of mine, :iconeric4372: who gets his character in this, Phantom, the Purple Fox, who is based on the Phantom Full Force Car but as an Anthro Fox, which is awesome.

The best songs to listen to while reading this is the CCE Version of Let's Go Away or Pounding Pavement.…… The American Dream by Eric Martin, also part of the CCE soundtrack…

Yeah, this combines Farthing Wood with Talladega Nights and my love for cars. And I will write the second part as well, based on the Joypolis 2020 from Daytona USA 2.

David Leytze is also the person who actually did voice the announcer and crew chief in Daytona USA 1 and CCE, and I actually managed to speak to him via email.… Shake N Bake.
calistamonkey Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I like how Bold shouts at Hurkle XD  Not sure of the significance of Shake'n'Bake!  Does Hurkle like baking?

SHAKE AND BAKE!  Who'd have thought Bold would be such a good driver?  Hehe XD
mdscarfaceone Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Student Photographer
Shake And Bake, like I said, is the catchphrase of Ricky Bobby and his Crew Chief, and I think they say it as a greeting or something. It's also because they are sponsored by Wonder Bread.
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August 29, 2016