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Some of you may remember a show called The Animals of Farthing Wood, it was a sweet show, but it was genuinely disturbing at times, many characters died, especially this character who I really liked called Bold. I Remembered the good episodes and characters like the old but wise Badger, the Sarcastic Shropshire accented Fox, Vixen, and many other characters.

Anyways, I went to my local HMV, and found a disc saying, ‘’Farthing Wood, S4 E1’’ with a copyright date of 1996, I was excited, because this was the first episode of Season 4, but the clerk said to me that the person who gave him the disc said there was something really ‘’Off’’ about the episode. I Ignored it and went back home to put the disc in my PC drive anyway. The first thing’s first, the sweet theme tune did not play, instead it was the Valve Logo music playing with ‘’Farthing Wood’’ shown in a Blood Red Times New Roman font.

This was rather disturbing, but I watched it anyway. It started off with some rather disturbing footage of White Deer Park apparently being destroyed by machines, which I never thought could happen considering it was protected, I saw brutal death scenes of countless foxes, squirrels, weasels and moles. And blood was seeping out of them, Fox was very angry looking, and said that this was the Conservative’s fault.

A disturbing video, of a gun being pointed at an MP’s head was shown, and it blew his brains out, it was even more disturbing than the R Budd Dwyer video, Fox said that all Conservatives must die, however, I disagreed with it since even though I support Labour, I loved certain Tories like Winston Churchill. Then a scene featuring disturbingly anthropomorphic versions of the characters with Torches and burning the machines, they exploded and a picture of a Construction Worker, with his eyes ripped out and blood seeping out of his eyes appeared.

Quickly, I removed the DVD and smashed it into pieces, then I threw it into the lake near me. I rang up the BBC and asked them why such an episode existed, and it turned out that a man named Jack Smith wrote the episode, he was an Animal Loving Leftist who was good friends with Fox’s actor, Rupert Farley, Rupert Farley thought this was a normal episode, and had an Ideal that even if the content is disturbing, just get on with the script.

Jack Smith in fact actually incited riots on Construction Workers and was a known Eco-terrorist, he recorded one of these riots and put it in the episode, but Rupert thought it was archive footage so he didn’t have a clue it was real, once Rupert found out what had happened, it made him very angry and sad, he was depressed for a year after figuring out, and to add to his depression, Jack Smith killed himself because no one could agree with his Ideals and no matter how hard he tried, his beloved animals would always die. After this, I decided just to take a break and go out on walks. But I never ever want to honor Jack Smith, no matter how much I love animals.
OK, so here is a Farthing Wood Creepypasta I wrote, it's quite disturbing and I rated it Moderately Mature for Violence and Political themes. I wrote this because not many people have written a Farthing Wood Lost Episode pasta. And I thought this would be a nice one to be scary. With stuff that actually makes sense with the show's theme. I absolutely love this show, so I've decided to make a Creepypasta on it.
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Student Writer
"I absolutely love this show, so I've decided to make a Creepypasta on it." I could have guessed you would.

If it exists, there'll be a Creepypasta of it.
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Submitted on
December 29, 2016
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